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Note: This is just a vague overview of the file format with information that was recognized "at first glance". See the content.bin file format page for detailed discussion of this format.

Start End Length Description
0x000 0x040 0x03f Info/Build header
0x030 0x07f 0x040 zeroed, part of header?
0x080 0x0af 0x030 "IMET" Header
0x0b0 0x0ef 0x040 0x00 zeroed, part of IMET Header?
0x0f0 0x143 0x054 0x54 Channel description (UTF-16). Repeats 6 times for 6 different languages.
0x2e8 0x62f 0x348 0x00 zeroed
0x630 0x63f 0x010 MD5(?)
0x640 -- -- ARC File

The info/build header varies.

  • Phiscally distributed content: contains build information, the same which is sometimes extracted from WAD-files in a single 0x40-byte file. It's always a one-word name, followed by a dot, which is followed by a 10-byte timestamp, format YYMMDDHHMM. Offset 0x30 contains the username@host identifier for the build.
  • Downloadable content (Weather, News, VC..): it contains a one-word name at offset 0x00, and the 8-byte Title ID at offset 0x20. Offset 0x28 contains the channel version (u16).