Chunk Munch

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Chunk Munch
TypePuzzle game
Version0.2 (03-aug-2009)
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
Wiimote1.svg SensorBar.svg Loads files from SDHC cards in the Front SD slot

Chunk Munch

A simple yet addictive game, just point and click on two or more connected and identical 'chunks' to 'munch' them up.


Currently 1 point for the first 'Chunk' after that each additional chunk gives a +2 bonus. The minimum amount of 'Chunks' that need to be connected is 2, which means that 3 points is the lowest 'move' possible ;-)


by _Contra_

Change log


  • First beta given to a friend of mine.
  • Got XML save / load to work, savegames now work :D yay!

Known bugs:

  • the game might decide you have no more 'Chunks to munch' in some rare cases, even though there is one left. I'll fix this as soon as possible
  • When I have a USB harddrive attached, the code randomly dumps sometimes ingame to mouse.o code.


  • Added column and row refilling
  • Enhanced the movement of the 'Chunks'
  • Expanded the option menu with:
    • Added a single 'Chunk' as a size & color preview
    • Refilling (None | row | column | rows first | columns first)


  • Rewrote the visualisation from GX back to SDL (Yay, SDL finally works for me on the Wii!)
  • Added options to the option menu (4 different sizes, refilling (yes/no))


The original game was made by me for the PC, which included 10 colors (still in the game). To make it work on the Wii I rewrote the visualisation parts to GX, which did not work as well for me.


  • Improve graphics ( A.k.a: Add first skin )
  • Skinning support ( As I am not an artist ;-) )
  • Music ( After skinning support, using the same system to find and load :-P )
  • Multiplayer Co-op
  • Add split screen mode (seperate players, seperate fields)
  • Add split screen mode (2 Players VS, 2 PLayer Co-op & 4 Player Free for All)
  • Add turn based multiplayer