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Beschreibung: DVD-Unterstützung in Homebrew-Anwendungen
Autor: Team Twiizers
Herunterladen: 3.3 oder älter




DVDx ist eine Homebrew-Anwendung, die einen versteckten Homebrew-Kanal installiert und von anderen Programmen benutzt werden kann, um selbstgebrannte DVDs in der Wii ohne einen Modchip zu lesen. Das modifiziert kein IOS und macht das ganze sehr sicher.


Die Installation ist einfach - starte einfach den (3.3 and older, 3.4). Wenn du einen Modchip hast, solltest du den PatchMii-Kern vorher installieren. 3.4 versionen hat nich patchmii und fortschrittliche modus. Man kann es mit einzeln mod-chips nicht installieren.


Q: Welche Art von DVDs soll ich benutzen?

A: Herstellten DVD-ROM video funktioniert natürlich.DVD-Rs werden empfohlen, es funktionieren allerdings auch verschiedene andere Formate, unter anderem DVD+R/RW, und DVD-RW. Doppelschichte DVDs sind nicht unterstützt. Vor allem Billig-Marken machen Probleme. DVD+R müssen ihren BookTyp auf DVD-ROM gesetzt haben, damit sie im normalen Modus (ohne Modchip) funktionieren.

Q: Why does my Wii not read my DVDs?

A: Be sure that you properly install DVDx. Be aware that since it does not modify the IOS, the disk will not show in the channel menu. You need to use a special homebrew program that utilizes DVDx support. If you have done all of that, and you still are unable to use your burned DVDs, check and be sure it burned correctly. Try re-burning the DVD on a DVD-r if it is not already.

Author(s)Team Twiizers
TypeMedia player
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser

DVDX is a homebrew application that installs a hidden "channel" which was used by other homebrew applications to access home burned and factory pressed DVD content without the need for a modchip. As of HackMii Installer 0.7, DVDX is dead and has been superseded by the Homebrew Channel 1.0.7 itself. [1]


Q: What type of DVD should I use?

A: Pressed DVD-ROM video discs of course work. For recordables, DVD-R media is recommended, as they are the most similar to pressed DVDs in terms of reflectivity. However, DVDX has been confirmed working with various DVD media, including DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW discs. Particular brands (lower quality discs) may be problematic, and different Wii drives have different levels of compatibility. Please note that DVD+R/RW discs will need to have their BookType set to DVD-ROM to work properly in Normal mode (if you have no modchip). PatchMii mode does not have this requirement, but requires a modchip.

Q: Why does my Wii not read my DVDs?

A: Be sure that you install the latest DVDX, and that the application that you are trying to use supports the latest DVDX, with the new title ID (DISC). If you are using a burned disc, make sure it is burned correctly. Try re-burning the DVD on a DVD-R if it is not already.