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(Media: Though the Wii version is a little faster in the beginning, the PC version actually gets to the end first.)
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| image      =  
| image      =  
| type        = handheld emulator
| type        = handheld emulator
| author      = [[User:Arikado|Arikado]], [[User:Dancinninja|Dancinninja]], [[User:scanff|scanff]], [[User:baby.lueshi|baby.lueshi]]
| author      = [[User:Arikado|Arikado]], [[User:Dancinninja|Dancinninja]], [[User:scanff|scanff]], [[User:baby.lueshi|baby.lueshi]], [[User:firnis|firnis]]
| contributor =  
| contributor =  
| version    = r152
| version    = r152

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DeSmuME Wii
Author(s)Arikado, Dancinninja, scanff, baby.lueshi, firnis
TypeHandheld emulator
Wiimote1.svg SensorBar.svg ClassicController.svg GameCube Controller Loads files from the Front SD slot Loads files from SDHC cards in the Front SD slot USB mass storage device

DeSmuME Wii is a port of the Nintendo DS emulator DeSmuME to Wii homebrew.


  • Download the latest featured release off of the google code SVN downloads tab.
  • Extract the .zip to the root of your SD Card or USB Device
  • Place ROMs in device:/DS/ROMS/
  • Saves are put into device:/DS/SAVES/
  • If you'd like to use a BIOS place it in device:/DS/BIOS/ named biosnds9.rom and biosnds7.rom



Wiimote.svg GameCube Controller Menu Command
Wiimote D-Pad GameCube D-Pad Navigate
Wiimote A Button Gamecube A Button Select ROM

In Emulation

Wiimote.svg ClassicController.svg GameCube Controller Equivalent DS Button
Classic a Button Gamecube A Button A
Classic b Button Gamecube B Button B
Classic - Button Gamecube D-Pad Right Select
Classic + Button GameCube START Button Start
Classic D-Pad GameCube Control Stick D-pad
Classic R Trigger GameCube R Trigger R shoulder button
Classic L Trigger GameCube L Trigger L shoulder button
Classic x Button Gamecube X Button X
Classic y Button Gamecube Y Button Y
Wii Remote Aim or Wiimote D-Pad Gamecube C Control Stick Move stylus
Wiimote A Button GameCube Z Button Touch stylus to screen
Wiimote HOME Button GameCube L Trigger+GameCube R Trigger+GameCube Z Button Return to loader


Arikado's video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnyLTDDx4qA

Comparison of DeSmuME on a PC to DeSmuME Wii: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfrWKDYOZgI

Compatibility List

For a compatibility list, please see DeSmuME Wii/Compatibility List.


You can donate to Arikado using the ChipIn widget on his blog : http://arikadosblog.blogspot.com

To donate to other members of the project, please contact them privately (or wait for them to put their own donation information here).