Front SD ELF Loader

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This is just a small Front SD ELF loader with a menu, written by svpe, #wiidev@efnet,

Create an "elf" directory on your SD card and put all your ELF files in there. You can load the main file with a trucha disc or the twilight hack.

The miniloader is just a quick hack to make this work with trucha discs because the apploader i used didn't seem to support a non-standard entry point.

Just type "make" to compile (Hint: a precompiled binary is included.)

There are probably still some bugs so don't blame me if something goes wrong.

See COPYING for the license (GNU GPL 2; and _only_ version 2)


  • Internal SD stuff by bushing, marcan and maybe some more people. I just reversed the twilight hack elf loader.
  • FatFs by].
  • ELF loading code taken from Geckoloader by dhewg, #wiidev at efnet. Written by dhewg, tmbinc and William L. Pitts
  • People from #wiidev who helped me with a few problems ;)