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FTPii is an FTP server for the Wii, giving people easy access to their SD cards without having to eject it from the Wii itself.


You will need an FTP client in order to connect to your Wii, but once you have got one set up, all you have to do is wiiload FTPii and once the network has initialised it's good to go.


The best way to get a feel for FTPii is to install it, using itself. When you download FTPii, use wiiload (with the Homebrew Channel) to start it up. When the network has initialised, use your favourite FTP client to connect to you wii. You can enter anything for a user name and password right now. Once you have logged in, navigate to the apps folder on your SD card, and make a new directory called ftpii. Put the FTPii elf into the ftpii folder and call it boot.elf. Put the icon.png and meta.xml that comes with the elf in there as well.

Once you are done altering files, close the connection from your client, then push the A button on Wiimote #1. This will bring you back out of FTPii back to the HBC application selection menu. FTPii will now be in the list to run again without the need of Wiiload.