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ftpii is an FTP server for the Wii, giving people easy access to their SD cards without having to eject it from the Wii through there Computer.

You will need an FTP client in order to connect to your Wii.


By default ftpii doesnt't have a username or password, you can just type anything in your FTP client.

Homebrew Channel

  1. Copy the ftpii folder from the archive to the apps directory on the root of your SD card.
  2. Launch ftpii from the Homebrew Channel menu.
  3. Connect the network between your Wii and your Computer.
  4. Connect your FTP client to your Wii.
  5. Once you are done altering files on your SD, close the connection from your FTP client, then push the A button on Wiimote #1. This will bring you out of ftpii and back to the HBC application selection menu.


The other way to install ftpii without removing the SD card from the Wii is to use wiiload (with the Homebrew Channel launched on the Wii) to boot ftpii.

Setting personal Password

  • To specify a password via The Homebrew Channel, rename the apps/ftpii directory to apps/ftpii_YourPassword.
  • To specify a password via wiiload, pass an argument e.g. wiiload boot.elf YourPassword.

Compatible/Incompatible Clients

Some users are experiencing issues with certain FTP clients- in order to help development progress and to notify potential users of which FTP clients not to use please post any FTP clients that you have had limited or no success with whilst using ftpii.

NOTE: This is not a great way to track or report compatibility issues with ftpii. Please use the issue tracker at http://code.google.com/p/ftpii/issues/list
This list is not regularly updated when new versions of ftpii are released. It does not generally provide developers with enough information to be able to
reproduce or fix a problem, and is usually just misleading. You are much better off using the issue tracker, or contacting me directly with specific problems. - joedj


Windows Clients

Program OS Issues?
Core FTP LE 2.1 XP Occasional Error in file names
CuteFTP 8 Professional XP/Vista Some folders don't work. 2
Windows Explorer XP Occasional Error in file names
FileZilla XP None Known
FireFTP 0.97.3 (addon for Firefox or Flock 1.2.1) XP SP3 Some folders don't work. 2
SmartFTP XP/Vista 1 + 2
Total Commander 7.01 XP SP2 None
WinSCP XP/Vista None Known
WS_FTP LE 5.08 XP None
WS_FTP 8.0 XP SP2 None
FTPRush XP SP3 None

Linux Clients

Program OS Issues?
CLI FTP Linux None
FileZilla Linux None
FireFTP 0.97.3 (addon for Firefox or Flock 1.2.1) Linux Some folders don't work. 2
gFTP 2.0.18 Linux None
kasablanca Linux (KDE) Sometimes folders, and even files, copy inside each other. It is best to only copy one folder at a time.
Konqueror Linux 3 (sometimes)
Nautilus 2.20.0 Linux Some folders don't work. 1
NcFTP Linux None

Mac OS Clients

Program OS Version FTPii Version Issues?
Captain FTP 5.3019 Leopard 0.0.11 None
CLI FTP Leopard 0.0.11 None
Cyberduck 3.0.1 Leopard 0.0.11 None
Fetch 5.3 Leopard 0.0.11 None
FileZilla 3.1.0-rc2 Leopard 0.0.11 None
Finder FTP Leopard 0.0.11 Read Only (Can't get fixed)
FireFTP 1.0 (FireFox Addon) Leopard 0.0.11 None
Forklift 1.5.2 Leopard 0.0.11 None
Secure FTP 2.5.16 Leopard 0.0.11 None
Transmit 3.6.6 Leopard 0.0.11 None
Yummy FTP 1.7.2 Leopard 0.0.11 None
  1. You get a "No such file or directory" error, even if the folder exists at some folders
  2. '550 directory doesn't exist'. After reconnect and reboot of ftpii they did work
  3. Core Dump error (when copying a folder with files in it)


Program OS Issues?
FlashFXP v3.0 (build 1015) Windows XP Connection refused


For subversion changes since 0.0.6, see http://code.google.com/p/ftpii/source/list

Version Changes
0.0.14 Rebuilt with latest libfat CVS to fix delete corruption bug and speed up opening large files (thanks rodries!)
0.0.13 Async networking, cleaner exiting, data cxn timeout, power button, gc controller
0.0.12 boot.elf rebuilt with patched libfat to set archive flag on new files, allowing Data Management to see uploaded save games (e.g. TP hack).
0.0.11 boot.elf rebuilt with patched libfat to stop read-ahead cache providing old data. (thanks dhewg!), Attempt to fix USB ethernet adapter by initialisaing network subsystem before FAT, Added release_date to meta.xml.
0.0.10 boot.elf rebuilt with patched libogc to fix startup crashes when USB devices are present, added SITE PASSWD and SITE NOPASSWD for controlling the authentication remotely.
0.0.9 Added authentication - can specify a password using directory name or wiiload arg.
0.0.8 Fixed MKD bug that caused working directory to change to new directory automatically. Added no-op SITE CHMOD command to prevent some FTP from displaying skip/abort/retry type prompts.
0.0.7 Added virtual path support for /sd and /usb. (thanks srg!), Added SITE LOADER command to return to loader, Added SITE CLEAR command to clear the console, Support for starting without a device connected (thanks srg!), Support for SD Gecko (though currently disabled in libfat) (thanks srg!), Re-enable read-ahead when remounting (thanks srg!)
0.0.6 Incorporated SD-card and USB hot-swapping patch. (thanks srg!)
0.0.5 Added support for buggy FTP clients that use "LIST -aL" or similar, at the expense of breaking paths that begin with '-'.
Compiled with corruption-fix and usbstorage libfat patches. (thanks svpe!)
Uncommented FAT read-ahead support (oops)
0.0.4 Added rename support, as well as append and resume.
Fixed _another_ nasty crash bug introduced in 0.0.3 when creating directories. (thanks nilsk123!)
0.0.3 Multi-client support (up to 5), using LWPs. Unfortunately this makes things quite a bit slower, due to the reduced buffer sizes.
This has the nice side-effect of making clients like FileZilla work.
0.0.2 Fixed display/crash bug when creating directories. (thanks feesh!)
Enabled fat read-ahead caching. Increases read speed from ~80KB/s to ~250KB/s for me. (thanks svpe!)
0.0.1 Public release