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| licence =
| licence =
| website = http://glovepie.org
| website = http://glovepie.org
| download =
| download = http://glovepie.org/glovepie_download.php
| discussion = http://glovepie.org/forum/
| peripherals = {{Bluetooth}} {{Wiimote}} {{Nunchuk}} {{ClassicController}} {{WiiBalanceBoard}} {{LesPaul}}
| peripherals = {{Bluetooth}} {{Wiimote}} {{Nunchuk}} {{ClassicController}} {{WiiBalanceBoard}} {{LesPaul}}

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GlovePIE ™
GlovePie running code
Author(s)Carl Kenner
TypePC utility
Bluetooth Wiimote.svg Nunchuck alternative.svg ClassicController.svg WiiBalanceBoard.svg Les Paul Controller

It is a current "driver" for the Wii remote. Not many software packages can use a Wiimote input data so GlovePie works by taking input from one device (example Wiimote) and translates it into fake inputs from another input device (example mouse). It uses a language much like basic. Example code:

Mouse.RightButton = Wiimote.A

That code tells the computer this: when ever the Wii Remote's "A" button is pressed down it will have the same effect as pressing the right mouse button. This doesn't work in reverse. Here is a truth table for that code:

If... The computer thinks that "A" on the Wii Remote is pressed: The Wii Remote has "A" pressed: The computer thinks that the right mouse button is pressed: The right mouse button is pressed:
The Wii Remote has "A" pressed: True True True False
The right mouse button is pressed: False True False True