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| version    = 0.1a
| version    = 0.1a
| licence    = GPL
| licence    = GPL
| download    = [http://daid.mine.nu/pub/GuitarsOnFire_Full_0.1a.zip GOF_Full_0.1a.zip]
| download    = http://daid.mine.nu/pub/GuitarsOnFire_Full_0.1a.zip With free songs. (27.3MB) Download]       
With free songs. (27.3MB) [http://daid.mine.nu/pub/GuitarsOnFire_NoSongs_0.1a.zip GOF_NoSongs_0.1a.zip]
[http://daid.mine.nu/pub/GuitarsOnFire_NoSongs_0.1a.zip Without songs. (0.8MB)
Without songs. (0.8MB)
| source      = http://daid.mine.nu/pub/GuitarsOnFire_Source_0.1a.zip (2.8MB)
| source      = [http://daid.mine.nu/pub/GuitarsOnFire_Source_0.1a.zip GOF_Source_0.1a.zip]
| peripherals = {{LesPaul}}{{USBKeyboard}}
| peripherals = {{LesPaul}}{{USBKeyboard}}
| hbb        = yes
| hbb        = yes

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TypeMusic game
With free songs. (27.3MB) Download Without songs. (0.8MB) Download
(2.8MB) Source
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
Les Paul ControllerUSB Keyboard


GuitarsOnFire is a GuitarHero clone, like Guitarfun and FretsOnFire. It uses FretsOnFire compatible songs, which can be found all over the internet. Everything will be released under GPL.


In it's current state it supports playing single songs from SD card. Up to 5 players in quick play mode. With 4 guitars and 1 USB keyboard. It has no lag and all the notes are perfect on time.

Current 0.1alpha release lacks one important feature, which is the fact that you cannot fail.

Upcomming 0.8 release

Here is my plan and already done changes for the next release. If the ToDo list is empty we'll have a next release for everyone to enjoy. With many thanks to everyone pointing out stuff in the talk page.

Changes done


  • Keyboard keymap customizing
  • Failing a song when playing badly



Les Paul Controller USB Keyboard Action
Guitar Hero Strumbar Navigate the menu
Green Fret Button F1 Select an entry
Red Fret Button F2 Cancel/exit menu
Wiimote + Button Escape Start game (when asked)


Les Paul Controller USB Keyboard Action
Guitar Hero Strumbar RShift Strum
Green Fret Button F1 Green Fret
Red Fret Button F2 Red Fret
Yellow Fret Button F3 Yellow Fret
Blue Fret Button F4 Blue Fret
Orange Fret Button F5 Orange Fret
Wiimote + Button Escape Menu

Included songs


This is my personal wishlist long term wishlist. If you have a wish, then add it on the talk page.

  • More gamemodes
    • Coop (Single song, Gig)
    • 5 player versus (Single song and Gig mode)
    • 2 vs 2 versus (Single song and Gig mode)
    • Last man standing (Playing song after song until everyone but 1 has failed)
  • Reading songs from USB drives and (CDs?) DVDs
  • Support for 2 USB keyboards, I think it's possible, but requires hacking of Libwiikeyboard library.

Low priority

  • Highscore lists
  • Online play