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Guitars On Fire
TypeMusic game
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
Les Paul Controller USB Keyboard ClassicController.svg GameCube Controller Loads files from the Front SD slot


Guitars On Fire is a Guitar Hero clone, like Guitarfun and FretsOnFire. It uses Frets On Fire compatible songs, which can be found all over the internet. Lots are to be found at FretsOnFire fan forum Everything is released under GPL, which means the code is open for everyone to view and modify if they wish. It borrows graphics from both Guitarfun and FretsOnFire, and contains some new graphics. It does NOT use any of the FretsOnFire code, and only a little bit of the Guitarfun code. So it's a different game with a different feeling to it.


The game is mostly modeled after GuitarHero3, which is the best version so far according to me and my friends.

In it's current state it supports playing single songs from SD card. Up to 5 players in quick play mode. With 4 guitars and 1 USB keyboard. No online multiplayer as of yet. It has no lag and all the notes are perfect on time, compared to FretsOnFire. (Some songs are not done well and just look out of sync)

It does NOT support USB harddisks yet. All the tests USB sticks and harddisks I have don't work yet, even with the latest libogc.


YouTube - Guitars On Fire - A Blood Red Summer Expert guitar

Featured media youtube.png Guitars On Fire - A Blood Red Summer Expert guitar by Calthephenom

YouTube - Guitars On Fire - Californication

Featured media youtube.png Guitars On Fire - Californication by Calthephenom


Version 0.8 (Current)

ToDo list for 1.0

As I did with 0.8 release I'll keep track of what changes I'm planning to do for the next version. This is a 'for sure' list, everything on this list has to be working before version 1.0 gets released. But more things could be done.

  • Add practice mode (done)
  • Fix classic controller buttons (done)
  • Change the hammer-on generation (partial done, improved but not perfect)
  • USB drive support (experimental, need testers)
  • GH:WT Drum support (experimental, need testers)
  • Advanced game mode: Versus mode (partial)
  • Advanced game mode: Tournament mode (partial)
  • Advanced game mode: Last man standing (done)
  • Saving settings (lefty flip, keyboard mapping) (DOH!) (done)
  • Hitting back on song returns to song list instead of menu (done)

After some testruns with reallife testsubjects:

  • Televisions crop because of the black around the menu and thus resize the screen (done)
  • Show title and artist of selected song during difficulty selection (done)
  • Make the loading text a little larger during difficulty selection (done)
  • When playing with 5 players gauges overlay on other gauges (done)
  • When playing with 4 players the hitbuttons should be lowered (done)
  • Red and blue are a little difficult to see on the red surface (partial done, blue still a bit hard to see)
  • The arrow of the quality gauge is a little difficult to spot when playing with more than 2 players

-- Thanks to Pyro and 3 others.


Les Paul Controller USB Keyboard GameCube Controller ClassicController.svg Game Action Menu Action
Guitar Hero Strumbar RShift ↵ Enter Gamecube D-Pad Up Gamecube D-Pad Down Classic Left Control Stick Strum Navigate the menu
Green Fret Button F1 GameCube R Trigger Classic ZR Button Green Fret Select an item
Red Fret Button F2 Gamecube X Button Classic a Button Red Fret Cancel/exit menu
Yellow Fret Button F3 Gamecube Y Button Classic x Button Yellow Fret -
Blue Fret Button F4 Gamecube A Button Classic y Button Blue Fret -
Orange Fret Button F5 Gamecube B Button Classic + Button Orange Fret -
Wiimote + Button Escape GameCube START Button Classic - Button Menu Start game (when asked)

Included songs


This is my personal wishlist long term wishlist. If you have a wish, then add it on the talk page.

  • More gamemodes
    • Coop (Single song, Gig)
    • 5 player versus (Single song and Gig mode)
    • 2 vs 2 versus (Single song and Gig mode)
    • Last man standing (Playing song after song until everyone but 1 has failed)
  • Reading songs from USB drives and (CDs?) DVDs

Low priority

  • Support for 2 USB keyboards, I think it's possible, but requires hacking of Libwiikeyboard library.
  • Highscore lists
  • Online play


With version v.08 of GuitarsOnFire there was a gfx folder which allows you to change the look of some of the parts of the game

Neck Mods (Note Highway):