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| download = [[Media:Gxgeo05b.zip|Gxgeo05b.zip]]
| download = [[Media:Gxgeo05b.zip|Gxgeo05b.zip]]
| source = On Request
| source = On Request
| peripherals = {{GCNController}} {{ClassicController}}  {{wiimote2}} {{Nunchuck}} {{FrontSD}}  
| peripherals = {{GCNController}} {{ClassicController}}  {{wiimote2}} {{Nunchuk}} {{FrontSD}}  
| hbc = 1
| hbc = 1
| hbb = 1
| hbb = 1
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{| class="wikitable" style="left;text-align:center;"
{| class="wikitable" style="left;text-align:center;"
| {{GCNController}} || {{WiimoteHorizontal}} || {{Wiimote}} + {{Nunchuck}} || {{ClassicController}} || Action
| {{GCNController}} || {{WiimoteHorizontal}} || {{Wiimote}} + {{Nunchuk}} || {{ClassicController}} || Action
| {{GCDPad}} or {{GCControlStick}} || {{WiimoteDPad}} || {{WiimoteDPad}} or {{NunchuckControlStick}} || {{ClassicDPad}}  or {{ClassicLControlStick}} || Neogeo DPad
| {{GCDPad}} or {{GCControlStick}} || {{WiimoteDPad}} || {{WiimoteDPad}} or {{NunchuckControlStick}} || {{ClassicDPad}}  or {{ClassicLControlStick}} || Neogeo DPad

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GxGeo is a port of the open-source GnGeo emulator, originally coded by pepone. This is a Neo-Geo AES/MVS emulator.


Please remember this is an early version and there are some bugs!
When you find a bug (and you will) post it on the Talk page along with your Wii Region/Video Mode (NTSC/PAL/SDTV/HDTV/etc) :) There are some bugs I already know about:

  • Sound error, short bzzt type noise accompanied by a pause
  • Loading of very large ROMs, will say out of memory and quit
  • Slow down in some large ROMs, some (or all) might slow down on real hardware anyway


I'd rather not release messy source code with probably more than a few mistakes in it, but if you you'd like it drop me a line on:

   http://wiinewz.com/forums/members/blizzo.html or
   http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showuser=142966&CODE=1337 or


  • Extract the zip on to your SD card. The romrc contains information about ROM sets, if you only put the .rc files for the ROMs you have in that folder gxgeo will load faster :)
  • Your ROMs (zipped up) and BIOS files should go in /sd/gxgeo/roms

BIOS Files

required files:

  • 000-lo.lo (sometimes named ng-lo.rom)
  • sfix.sfx (sometimes named ng-sfix.rom)

country files (sometimes named neo-geo.rom)

  • usa_2slt.bin - USA
  • vs-bios.rom - Japan
  • asia-s3.rom - Asia
  • sp-s2.sp1 - Europe

system files

  • aes-bios.bin - A.E.S:

You can use uni-bios.rom (Uni Bios) in place of the country file or system file.


The Gamecube controller takes priority over the Wiimote, if you have a GC controller in port 1 then the GC Controller will control player 1 and the Wiimote will control player 2.

GameCube Controller WiimoteHorizontal.svg Wiimote.svg + Nunchuck alternative.svg ClassicController.svg Action
GameCube D-Pad or GameCube Control Stick Wiimote D-Pad Wiimote D-Pad or Nunchuck Control Stick Classic D-Pad or Classic Left Control Stick Neogeo DPad
Gamecube A Button Wiimote 1 Button Wiimote A Button Classic a Button A
Gamecube B Button Wiimote 2 Button Wiimote B Button Classic b Button B
Gamecube X Button Wiimote A Button Nunchuck Z Button Classic x Button C
Gamecube Y Button Wiimote B Button Nunchuck C Button Classic y Button D
GameCube Z Button Wiimote - Button Wiimote - Button Classic - Button Insert Coin
GameCube START Button Wiimote + Button Wiimote + Button Classic + Button START
GameCube L Trigger+GameCube R Trigger Wiimote HOME Button Wiimote HOME Button Classic HOME Button Quit

HBC Icons

by MickeyBlue
by blizzo

Development Log

23/11/2008 (latest)

  • Today I am happy enough with GxGeo to release it, the source code is a mess so I if you'd like it ask me for it - I'd rather not spread messy code and bad examples :)
  • I have only tested this release on a PAL SDTV but it should fit on an NTSC SDTV, no idea about HDTV hehe
  • There are still some sound issues, maybe just with PAL.. I'm not sure, more testing is required
  • This release will boot some large ROMs but not all of them will run at full speed - Metal Slug 2 is one of these
  • Larger ROMs (Metal Slug 3) will still not load - some kind of paging system is required :)


  • Using MEM2 for loading the SOUND and GFX ROMs so some quite large ROMs will load, mslug2 included
  • mslug2 experiences quite a lot of slow down
  • A lot of ROMs are playable now, hopefully a release this weekend


  • Development continues, a major reworking of the code is under way and nearly complete.
  • Sounds works, kinda - some bugs need fixing :)


  • Video emulation is working well now
  • Sound is on the way :D


  • Small ROMs load (not enough RAM for large ones)
  • SDL to GX 90% complete - expect a preview release soon :)


  • Compiled with SDL-Port, runs at a reasonable speed
  • Started SDL to GX porting :)