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The graphics chip in the Wii is codenamed "Hollywood"; it bears the logos of NEC (who presumably manufactured the chip), ATI (who designed the GPU), and BroadOn (who designed the Starlet "I/O Bridge").

Its graphics capabilities are similar to that of the GameCube's Flipper, except running at a higher clock speed.

Its hardware is documented on the Hardware article and subpages.

Hollywood article at Wikipedia


The Hollywood chip is 2 or 3 flip-chip dies bonded to a BGA substrate, with a 30 x 30 (or later, 28x28) grid of balls to connect it to the rest of the circuit. Most balls are connected to other layers by way of vias; some signals are routed completely on the top layer.

(Please help verify and complete this pinout with a continuity tester! This pinout is for the earlier 30x30 version of the Hollywood; the 28x28 package has a completely different pinout.)

Balls Function
A1 ?