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This page gives an overview of released homebrew apps. Anything that can be run from an elf file and has working controls (if it needs them) counts, even if it is a direct port of a GC app. The Twilight Hack is currently the only way to run the apps.

Forum thread

Title Description Type Creator Display Modes DL
PoC-Linux Wii Proof of Concept mini-distro OS GC-Linux 480i/p (unusable in 576i - text is unreadable) PoC v0.2 Download
MP3 Player MP3 Player (requires SD-gecko or similar) Multimedia emu_kidid 576i Wii Mode MP3 Player Mirror
Demo Hello World application HelloWorld Team Twiizers 576i distributed with Twilight Hack
Tetris Tetris Game DesktopMan 480i/p (It automatically changes to 480i) tetris.elf
Genesis Plus Genesis / Megadrive Emulator (requires SD-gecko or similar, or inject the rom into the elf.) Emulation Eke-eke Any tehskeen.com
Geckoloader Development tool for quickly testing .dol files Development dhewg ? geckoloader
AtaWii Atari ST Emulator Emulation NoNameNo ? AtaWii
Ballion Destroy blocks with a ball Game Mega Man PAL 576i, with 480i automatically changes from PAL to NTSC ballion-wii.elf
EasyIOS This app is for browsing the device tree, and trying out quick IOS commands w/out doing builds. Development Beardface ? EasyIOS