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Current homebrew status: In progress! ELF loader created, check out Twilight Hack. Currently only loads files from USB Gecko, or an SD to GameCube memory card adaptor (eg SD Gecko)

We are currently working on a hack that will allow you to load homebrew apps from somewhere else (yet to be determined).

The current hack in development is based on the Zelda savegame system, and is being developed with the assistance of an earlier and unrelated hack shown here: [1].


The Zelda: TP Exploit (Twilight Hack)

bushing, tmbinc and segher were able to modify a save game for Zelda: TP that would make the Wii crash and were then able to inject their own code.


Q: How do I do this?

A: Download the save file from the Twilight Hack page and copy it to your Wii using an SD card. Run Zelda:TP (Wii version only) and load the save. Note that homebrew for the Wii is really young and immature but a few apps are released, check out the Homebrew apps page. Further information and a video can be found on the Twilight Hack page. Here is a video tutorial on how to install: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHgBgU3QZa4

Q: Does it require the Zelda:TP game?

A: For the Zelda Save exploit? Yes. But other exploits may be found later.

Q: Does it require a drivechip, or any other hardware modifications?

A: No.

Q: Does it allow me to run trainers or backups from SD/(USB-)HDD?

A: No.

Q: Is it possible that an ELF loader using this hack could eventually run code off of the internal SD-Cardreader?

A: Yes -- the only thing currently preventing this is our inexperience with that interface.

Q: Can I use the Wiimote?

A: No, we are working on it but a lot has to be implemented to make this work, the GC-controller is the only controller supported as of right now.

Wii System Updates

Wii Menu 3.2

Changes: No major feature changes, some unknown background work which allegedly improves system performance. Most noted is a large increase in speed when switching between channels and settings pages. No other effects are discernable.

Side Effects: 3.2 does not appear to affect any hacks.