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On March 21st, Nintendo added a new version of the Wii firmware -- IOS37 -- to the Wii update servers. This version of the firmware has a fixed signature-checking function.

When a title (game, channel, etc) starts, it tells the system menu (using a field in the TMD) what version of the IOS it needs to run on -- to support this, the Wii stores all previous firmware versions. (For most Wiis, this will be IOS9, IOS11, IOS13, IOS15, IOS17, IOS20, IOS21, IOS30, IOS31, IOS33, IOS34, IOS35, IOS36, and now IOS37).

As of March 22nd, no software uses IOS37 -- the System Menu currently uses IOS30. An updated System Menu will likely use the new IOS37.

What does this mean?

  • Until the system menu is updated to use IOS37, it will have no effect.
    • The system menu does not currently use IOS37
      • This update only includes IOS37
        • But doesn't tell the system menu to use it yet
          • So it doesn't break anything yet
            • is it clear now?
  • Once the system menu is updated to use IOS37, "Trucha-Signed" discs -- or channels -- will stop working, as will the Datel FreeLoader disc.
  • At that point, "homebrew channels" would be considered "invalid" by the system. The consequences of this are unclear, but that could potentially prevent the Wii from booting.
  • Other versions of IOS are not affected.
  • To sum all this up, the update will NOT break anything. The latest update does not actually use IOS37, so updating will be safe until a future update is released.

Translation for those who still can't understand english:

This update does not break anything so far.

Q & A

Will this block my Trucha Signed discs or my Freeloader disc?

No, not yet. Not until another update is released, at which point we will have to re-evaluate.

Can we delete this update?

It might be possible to write a program to delete IOS37, but there's no point. Once an update that needs this firmware is released, either your Wii will redownload it, or will simply not work at all.

Can we patch it?

Maybe; this would take a considerable amount of effort. Firmware patches and bricking consoles go hand-in-hand, making it risky to develop patches and risky to install them.

Can we avoid it?

No, not if you ever want to update your Wii's software.

What effect will this have on a homebrew channel?

Once the system menu is updated to use IOS37, any installed homebrew channels will stop working, and the Wii may refuse to boot.

Is this an April Fool's joke?

No. A vandal added the message to the page.