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| version    = 0.2
| version    = 0.2
| download    = [[Image:Jumpnbump-0.2.zip]]
| download    = [[Image:Jumpnbump-0.2.zip]]
| source      = SDL port [http://git.icculus.org/?p=crow/jumpnbump.git;a=summary here], Wii patches on request
| source      = [http://github.com/Amarth/jumpnbump-wii Git repository]
| peripherals = {{Wiimote1}} {{Wiimote2}} {{Wiimote3}} {{Wiimote4}}
| peripherals = {{Wiimote1}} {{Wiimote2}} {{Wiimote3}} {{Wiimote4}}
| hbc        = 1
| hbc        = 1

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Jump 'n Bump, a cute bunny game with blood, ported to the Wii. The original is maintained at [1]. This is a multiplayer game. Each player controls a fluffy bunny jumping around in a pleasant environment. The aim is simply to jump on the other bunnies to make them explode in a shower of blood and to increase your score. Fun for the whole family!

Download at File:Jumpnbump-0.2.zip. Unzip in /apps if you use the HBC.

Testers wanted! Please post your impressions on the talk page.

A note about the graphics

Jump 'n Bump runs at the silly resolution of 400x256, a ratio of 25:16. A scaleup option is present in the code to make it run at 800x512, a mode the Wii does not support. I'm not entirely sure what to do with this, so for now I've left it as is, with a huge black border around it. If you can't stand the cuteness anymore, you can look a bit at the black border, representing vileness and death.


Wiimote1.svg - Wiimote4.svg Action
Wiimote D-Pad Move
Wiimote 2 Button Jump
Wiimote1.svg Wiimote HOME Button Quit

It might also support an USB keyboard, not sure what the SDL defaults are. I'll check when I get my hands on one.



  • Add rumble support
  • Fixed end-of-game message to reference HOME instead of ESC


  • Initial release, ported from Jump 'n Bump 1.51


  • Move wiimote to jump
  • Front-end for options and level selection
  • Remove unused part of the code to lessen filesize
  • Use gzipped .dat files to lessen filesize