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== Screenshots ==
== Screenshots ==
<gallery perRow="2" style="text-align:center;" widths="400px" heights="300px">
<gallery perRow="2" style="text-align:center;" widths="400px" heights="300px">
Image:komo menu.png|Menu
Image:komo_n1.png|1 player level
Image:komo n1.png|1 player level

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Komopong wii is a game based on the legendary pong, is a way for one player and one for two players, although in the future I would like to add more levels. The main novelty of this pong is to be controlled by moving the Wiimote XD also incorporates vibration to feel the impact of the ball in your paddle, another thing you can do is to rotate the paddle by turning the Wiimote, to change the angle of rebound the ball.

The mechanics of the game is simple, note the maximum number of points his rival before the end of the counter, the one with more points wins. :)


Simple, just move the joystick up and down leg raise or lower the paddle, rotate the Wiimote to change the angle of the paddle, press 'A'to start or selet and home for exit.

WiimoteHorizontal.svg Action
Wiimote A Button start/select
wiimote up/down move the paddle
wiimote roll rotate paddle
Wiimote + Button pause
Wiimote HOME Button Exit to menu/hbb


To do

  • More levels for 1 player mode
  • Different types of difficulty in the mode for two players
  • ¿?


Programer: copete23 Graphics: copete23 Music: The mod archive sound: copete23 XD