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| [[Shiny Red Tank]]
| [[Shiny Red Tank]]
| Old-school 2D platformer.
| An old-school 2D platformer
| [[User:MetaFight|MetaFight]]
| [[User:MetaFight|MetaFight]]

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Contents Action | Adventure | Arcade | Board | Card | Puzzle | Role playing | Shooters | Strategy | Other | Unsorted


Title Description Author
Barrage Destroy Targets Mindcry
Bichejos Light gun game nozintusei
Commander K. Wii A port of CloneKeen Bigs
CosmoRaketti A 3D space shooter Tassu
Defendguin Linux themed Defender clone MiniK
Duck Hunt Clone of the NES duck shooting game Knight0fDragon
Giddy 3 Platform puzzler xeron
Helium boy 3d platformer beril
MyLittleBall The fun game for all the family! Pinecone
Quake 3D first-person shooter Eluan
Shiny Red Tank An old-school 2D platformer MetaFight
WiiDoom DOOM for the Wii lnuxguy


Title Description Author
Rick Dangerous Wii Jump'n'Run Gouky
ScummVM ScummVM is a program which allows you to run certain classic graphical point-and-click adventure games dhewg


Title Description Author
Ascii-Pong Pong game in console mode Felix + Georg Potthast
Asteroids Destroy asteroids in space aksommerville
Ballion Destroy blocks with a ball Mega Man
Blisterball A remake of the great Apple ][ game. Jon Conrad
Masteroids Multiplayer asteroids feesh
PONG PONG game for Wii PaRaDoX
Pong2 Pong2 for Wii wplaat
SDL Space Invaders Clone of the classic Space Invaders game using SDL Felix + Georg Potthast
Snake Control the snake and eat apples uschghost / gabriel_
Vectoroids Asteroids Clone MiniK
Wiibreaker Best Brickbreaker Game On Wii Arikado
Wii Breakout Breakout for the Wii JSLemming
Wiilander Lunar Lander 2D for the Wii Manny2008


Title Description Author
Another Rock Paper Scissors Another RPS game. With 2 player mode. Forgotten Linkz
Chess A simple port of a chess game, TSCP hanse
Chess Wiimote A unofficial version of hanse's port of TSCP with wiimote hanse
Mahjongg Wii A MahJongg solitaire game created specifically for the Nintendo Wii JustWoody
TicTacToe Beat the Computer bmic
Wii-Tac-Toe Tic-Tac-Toe game for one or two players Crayon
Wiiship Battleships for Wii! AcADIeN
Yahtzwii Yahtzee chris


Title Description Author
Freecell Freecell Card Game WhoDares
LPairs Simple memory game ThErZA
Matching Cards Pair up all the cards before the time runs out teknecal
UNO Card game kriogeN
WiiPoker Video Poker Beardface
Wii Solitaire Klondike Solitaire Game Wil


Title Description Author
Arcade Jigsaw First Person Jigsaw mdm2k
Jewel Quest A 3 match puzzle game similar to Bejewelled mcartman
Minesweeper Clear the field while avoiding the mines. mangaman3000
Piero's Wiicross Picture puzzle game in Picross style Scognito
Portii Portii is a 2D portal-esque clone for the Wii Beardface
Rokoban 3d Sokoban game. ZaloDS
Scogger Frog puzzle game Scognito
SpaceBubble Space bubble breaker for Wii wplaat
Sudoku Put the numbers in the squares dlkj
Sudoku2 Put the numbers in the squares. With audio and better graphics. bmic
SYASokoban Wii Port of David Joffe's SYASokoban game Shin-NiL
Tetris Wii Rotate and move falling blocks to make lines DesktopMan

Role playing

Title Description Author
Dungeons A mini RPG for Wii Iron Hand


Title Description Author
Kobo Deluxe Scrolling shoot 'em up Albert "isobel" Herranz
Missile Command Save your cities from missiles ulti
Nowell 2D shoot'em up - "Sandwiches can't always save Christmas !" - Emvivre
OpenTyrianWii Arcade-style vertical scrolling shooter Nuvalo
Smashing! Smash 3d Targets warpfish
Space Shooter Shoot Stuff In Space! PaceMaker
Teeter Torture Galaga clone with a twist! MiniK
Touhou Fangame Manic shooter SquidMan
Wii Shooting Gallery Compilation of shooting games Arikado


Title Description Author
DopeWars Wii Port of classic drug dealing game Eikon


Title Description Author
BibleQuiz Bible Quiz for Wii wplaat
Guitarfun Port of the game Guitarfun Hermes
Hiragana & Katakana Practice Hiragana & Katakana Practice Mangaman3000
MadQuiz Trivia Game Nores
Rock Paper Scissors Play RPS against a computer! Kazart
Supersonic Wii Musical Rhythm Game AerialX
Wii Quizz A game with lots of fun Quizz modes ! CashMan's Productions


Title Description Author
YOG 3YOG - 3 Year Old Golf PaceMaker
BuscaWiinas Just another minesweeper (wiimote IR support) Jomofer
CharioMan A simple anti-pong game Cortes48
Gravity Universal Gravitation rockybulwinkle
Horror Vacui An 8-bit board game of sorts Sinman
Jump 'n Bump Game with bunnies and blood Amarth
Mad Bomber Kaboom Clone MiniK
ONScripter Visual Novel Engine Brian
OpenBOR Moddable beat-em-up game engine Kungpow, Nuvalo
Paradroid Port of SDL Paradroid to Wii Okachobi
Particle accelerator My first homebrew game. Features 70's videogame-style graphics and 'menus' Bubble-07
Raw Raw game engine ported to wii Bigs
RedSquare RedSquare for Wii wplaat
REminiscence REminiscence game engine ported to wii Bigs
SameGame SameGame for the Wii Meir Goldstein
Simon The classic memory game teknecal
SteadyHand Cursor guiding game Durda Dan
Vectoroids Asteroids Clone MiniK
Wiiero Liero for the Wii BScrk
WiiOperation An Operation-esque game for the Wii Beardface
WiiPhysics Physics playground for the Wii (Think Garry's mod or PocketPhysics) Beardface