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NUS Downloader
TypePC utility
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NUS Downloader, or NUSD, is a PC Utility designed to allow easy access to the resources present on Nintendo's Update Servers. Using this tool, you can download, pack, and decrypt many system titles into WADs ready to install.

NUSD v1.2 in Windows.


This tool creates WAD files. If it should happen to have issues during this procedure, installing corrupt WAD files could BRICK your Wii. Don't use this program if you are not sure of what it accomplishes. No warranty provided, no responsibility on me if you brick anything!


This program requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. Source is included if you desire to port it away from this prerequisite.

Load the program, and enter a title ID and optionally a specific version number. Title IDs can be found in the Title database or IOS History.

Check whether you wish to Pack the title into a WAD, and whether the title is for the Wii or DSi. Note that DSi titles cannot be packed into WADs (They could but it would be useless).

Check whether you wish to Decrypt the contents. This will create separate ".app" files in the same directory as the encrypted ones.

Run the download, and you should be presented with the downloaded files and optionally a packed WAD in a folder named after the title ID you chose. All folders/files are saved in the directory that the main program is in.

System WADs can be installed using any normal installer.


  • Having a (Mismatch) message is OK. It relates only to the difference between TMD and actual content sizes.
  • Entering no version number will get the latest one. Remember that System Menu's have separate versions for each region, so you may not want the latest one.
  • A failure to download a TMD means either your internet is not connected or you are entering incorrect information.
  • A failure to download cetk (tickets) means that the title can still be downloaded, but not packed or decrypted.


There are several reasons to use this program.

  • Avoid unnecessary pirating of System WADs (IOS modules, System Menus, etc.)
  • Obtain a specific version of a System Title (Menu 3.2U, etc.)
  • Simplification of download and packing process.
  • Decrypt contents straight from NUS. (key.bin) needed!

What this does NOT do:

  • Package VC/WiiWare/Anything needing an individual ticket.

Size Differences

After the initial release, there were concerns rising about differences in file sizes between official WADs and NUSD ones. A first, obvious difference is in that official ones have a footer, and NUSD packed ones do not. This adds a few bytes onto the official ones which will not be present.

A second difference may be noticed in the Certificate Chain added to the WAD. While it may appear entirely different, it is simply ordered in a different way, and the Wii sees nothing different. V1.1 of NUSD will order the certs in the most common way, so that difference is covered.

The only real difference is in some tickets. NUS has a variation on the ticket for a title, as do the WADs that come in discs. While they are different, the only changed values are small (ticket_id and DLC purchases). The big things like Title Key remain intact. There has been no issues using these tickets, which is understandable as many are probably on your Wii right now.

Title IDs

Wiibrew has quite the collection of Title IDs for use with NUSD. For most general titles, check out the Title database. For IOS ids specifically, check out the IOS History.

New to v1.2 is a local database of title IDs in the database.xml file. To access this, simply click the database button in NUSD, and select a title based on catagory


The NUSD database is stored in the database.xml file, which should be placed in the same directory as the executable. It is a simple, formatted XML document. A separate page has been dedicated to the database, here you can find the latest copy as well as how to format the file.


A lot of information is portrayed in the database icons for each title. Here's what the color codes represent:

Green: The title has a ticket available.
Orange: No ticket is available.
Red: A notice/danger text is present in the database. These titles are usually crucial to the Wii.

CLI Usage

Command line arguments have been added to the program. They're not completely CLI, it's more of a GUI override. You can take (mostly) complete control over the GUI with a few command line arguments:

(Specify a Title ID to download)

(Specify a Version to download)

(Start the download on program launch)

(Close the GUI when download is complete)

(Decrypt the contents)

(Ignore ticket)

(Keep local files if present)

(Pack WAD)

(Switch to DSi Mode)


NUSD was written entirely by WB3000, but much of the code would not have been possible without the help of #WiiDev, in particular Crediar, comex, Galaxy, and SquidMan. The advice and source code provided by them made this program possible.

Bugs & Suggestions

Be sure to report any bugs so I can work to fix them!

Additions planned for v1.3:

  • Finished trucha toolset.
  • Patching system.

Update History

v1.2 - August 1, 2009

  • Access a local database (database.xml) of title IDs, along with versions/regions/etc.
  • With database selection, IOS WADs are given Nintendo naming convention (ex: IOS60-64-vXXX.wad)
  • Mismatches are identified as Safe or BAD.
  • Command line arguments can be passed to the GUI.
  • Korean key (kkey.bin) support. Useless as far as I know, nothing on NUS uses the key...
  • Downloading failures are now described in more detail (401 vs 404, etc.)
  • Status Box has a clear button; it is auto-cleared when starting a new download.
  • UserAgent changed (again) to the Wii updating one.
  • A title's required IOS is shown in the download log.
  • Trucha signing titles (Still in Beta/Alpha stages! By default it is disabled, to display the feature, click the progress bar on the main form)
  • Trucha signing features the following:
    • TMD editor (Change IOS needed, title version, title ID)
    • Ticket editor (Change DLC Amount, Common Key needed, Time limit)
    • Contents editor (Add/Remove Contents, Set shared status, Set boot content, Add trucha bug to content [only decrypted contents have support so far!!])

v1.1a - May 17, 2009

  • Prevented users from entering nothing...
  • A few little tweaks (About text, etc.)

v1.1 - May 16, 2009

  • Directories are created with the version number when known (ex: 0000000100000002v289)
  • Certificates (cert.sys) no longer hard coded. You will be asked to generated the file on first boot of v1.1. This is done right from NUS.
  • Ability to alter the name of the packed WAD from the GUI.
  • Loading a TMD for info displays more information, such as what IOS a title requires.
  • Textbox output is a bit cleaner.
  • You can now choose to continue the download if a ticket (cetk) 404s. This will allow you to download the content of the titles, however you will not be able to pack them.
  • Decryption of contents now included. Needs common key (key.bin) to work! (Pro Note: DSi decryption will work with a (dskey.bin), however that doesn't exist now)

v1 - April 5, 2009

  • Initial release
  • Supports downloading and packing to WAD
  • Wii/DSi support