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| source      = [http://rapidshare.com/files/113665308/opentyriam-wii-src.tar.bz2.html Here]
| source      = [http://rapidshare.com/files/113665308/opentyriam-wii-src.tar.bz2.html Here]
| peripherals = {{GCNController}} {{USBKeyboard}} {{Wiimote1}}
| peripherals = {{GCNController}} {{USBKeyboard}} {{Wiimote1}}
| hbb = 1

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A Port of the rail shooter OpenTyrian to Wii.


This is a wii adaptation of TYRIAN, the game edited by Eclipse and published by Epic MegaGames.The original game was programmed by Jason Emery, illustrated by Daniel Cook, and its music composed by Alexander Brandon and Andreas Molnar.

This port is based on OpenTyrian project code (http://code.google.com/p/opentyrian/), maintained by mindless2112, syntaxglitch,emacs.hacker, yuriks.br.

This README file was based on the README found on the OpentyriamPSP project.


Tyrian is an arcade-style vertical scrolling shooter. The player controls a space ship fitted with different weapons and enhanced energy shields. Money is earned by destroying enemies and grabbing bonuses, which is then used to purchase upgrades such as weapons, shields, energy generators, and different ships from interlevel menus. The game is fast paced and presents a variety of enemies and bosses.


The latest version of OpenTyrianWii supports at least the following controllers: Wiimote, Keyboard and GameCube Controller.

The GC Controller buttons are mapped like this:

[A] Button 1/ Start
[b] Button 2/ ESCAPE (Cancel)
[Y] Button 3
[X] Button 4

Ensure that you go to "options" after "new game". Select "Joystick", then hit "calibrate" in order to stop the analog stick interfering with the D-pad.


To play with this game, you need a Wii homebrew enabled console (Twilight hack or Homebrew Channel). And you will an SDCard .

To install this version of openTyriam: - Copy the files "opentyriam-wii.elf" to the root directory of your sdcard, and rename it to boot.elf. - Copy the directory tyrian and its contents to the root directory of your sdcard.

To play with this game: - Insert the SDCard on the front SD adapter of your wii. - On your wii, execute the file "tyrian.dol" using your favorite method for loading applications (Twilight hack or homebrew channel).

Known Issues

- Network play is not yet implemented. - 2 player mode buttons are not mapped (might work, i didn't try it) - The default SaveGame works, but the "Select new savegame" option doesn´t work, as you cant type the name of the new gamesave. - The Analog joystick does not work properly, use the Digital joy instead. - Problems using TV in 480p or rgb components


- ?

Thanks to:

- mindless2112, syntaxglitch,emacs.hacker, yuriks.br and all the people behind the Opentyrian poroject port DENISKA for his README file. - All the gc-linux team