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==Similar game==
==Similar game==
[[Rokoban]], a 3d Sokoban port for the Wii by Zalo.
[[Rokoban]], a 3d Sokoban port for the Wii by Zalo.
Rokoban, a Sokoban port for the Wii by Zalo.

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SYASokoban Wii
TypePuzzle game
Portuguese Website
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
Wiimote1.svg SensorBar.svg


SYASokoban Wii is an initial port of David Joffe's (http://grayskygames.com) SYASokoban game. Still Yet Another Sokoban is an implementation of the popular Sokoban puzzle game. The goal is to push the crates onto the designated squares without getting stuck.


  • "Unlimited" undo
  • Wiimote IR controls + path finding
  • Many included levels
  • Can add new sets of levels


Wiimote.svg Action
Wii Remote Aim point
Wiimote D-Pad move
Wiimote A Button move to a certain point
Wiimote + Button choose levels
Wiimote - Button undo move
Wiimote 1 Button reset stage
Wiimote 2 Button show about screen
Wiimote HOME Button exit




2009/01/29 v0.2

  • Fixed exit message box screen
  • Fixed level select screen

2009/01/17 v0.1b

  • Initial release;

Known Issues / Todo List

  • Adjust message box screen
  • Ajust level select screen
  • Add background music

Special Thanks

  • David Joffe for the SYASokoban original code
  • mindcry, devildante, yohanes and jendave.hudson for the work with SDL port
  • All Wii homebrew community

Similar game

Rokoban, a 3d Sokoban port for the Wii by Zalo.