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This is where you can try out your own page making skills.

If I, amoose136 understand this correctly(funshine sparkles) this page will be automatically wiped clean every few (12 I think) hours. -But you don't, that is (funshine sparkles)done by a bot on the big wikis. henke37

Try things here:

This isnt a box! And where is all the sand???

(funshine sparkles) A sand box is a box of sand.

(duh!)(funshine sparkles)

Make a link like this: Main_Page or this (funshine sparkles):main

the rest is just sand

did i get rid of (funshine sparkles)the sand in my eyes??


how about (funshine sparkles)(funshine sparkles)(funshine sparkles)now?

testing the bots recent changes checker!

I think it works.(funshine sparkles)

My sandbox is(funshine sparkles) covered in snow.

bot related test

(funshine sparkles)(funshine sparkles)