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Template:Infobox homebrewapp Snake2 for Wii is a Wii homebrew version of the game snake.

User guide

Just copy the directory "snake" into the "apps" directory on your sd card. for example "x:/apps/snake"

Hold the wiimote horicontal like an NES pad. [ + - - oo]


The game may have some bugs. I'll try to fix them in later versions ....maybe =P


  • Fix bugs
  • Adjustable snake speed


June 04. 08 - v2.0

  • Added Wiimote Support
  • Added New Look And feel
  • Added Score Displaying while the Game is running
  • Added eyecandy

March 26. 08 - v0.4

  • Added Pause button
  • Added splash to gameover screen
  • Released source

March 26. 08 - v0.3

  • You can now restart the game without jumping back to the ELF loader.
  • Added a titlescreen.
  • Added Analogstick/C-sick controls.
  • Added a rumble signal when you eat an apple.
  • Press Z at anytime to return to ELF loader.
  • General Bugfixing

March 26. 08 - v0.2

  • Added sound = thx to "" for the mod and azeazezar for finding it.

March 25. 08 - v0.1

  • Initial release


Code: Uschghost -
GFX: gabriel_ -

thx to:
NoNameNo - for help with the fading effect.
Stonewood - for technical support.


Current Best: Ricky715 at 76 apples - Proof: Image:Snake.jpg

Old Best: SoraK05 at 53 apples - Proof: Image:SoraK05_Snake_Highscore_25-03-08_0254.jpg