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Template:Infobox homebrewapp Starfall, formerly HackInstaller, is an application developed by Crediar to patch the system menu to include new features.


Just run the application with the Twilight hack or Homebrew channel, or any other prefered method. Follow the on-screen instructions from there.


I don't know what features are finished yet and which are not. I'll organize them once Crediar gives the DL link on #wiidev. I'm just gonna put ehm all under Coming Soon for now until I can sort them out.


Coming Soon

  • No healthwarning (the blackscreen is the time it needs to load the channels)
  • region free Wii games
  • region free GC games
  • region free channels
  • start the build-in rescue menu when Y is pressed on the first GC controller
  • rescue menu patch to boot everything not just diag-discs
  • No mainmenu BGM

more to come


Icon made by Twile

Created by Twile. Based on Black Glass Style by Simon and this image: Place in the Starfall directory for the homebrew channel and rename it icon.png


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