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{{Infobox homebrewapp
{{Infobox homebrewapp
| title      = Super Star Soldier
| title      = Super Star Shooter
| image      = [[Image:Sssw1stage01.png|border|center|270px]]
| image      = [[Image:Sssw1stage01.png|border|center|270px]]
| desc        = Scrolling shooter game
| desc        = Scrolling shooter game

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Super Star Shooter is a vertical scrolling shooter. You fly a space-plane and shoot enemies with your weapons to. The game features power ups, hordes of enemies and huge screen-filling bosses. Points are won by shooting enemies, and collection yellow orbs. The gameplay is very fast paced! There are two gamemodes: play for two minutes, and play for 5 minutes. The game is also available for the Gameboy Advance


WiimoteHorizontal.svg Menu In Game
Wiimote D-Pad Move cursor Control the space-plane
Wiimote 1 Button Cancel Fire back (change the speed)
Wiimote 2 Button Accept Fire (you can hold the button)
Wiimote + Button Skip the vsync (used to debug) Skip the vsync (used to debug)
Wiimote HOME Button Exit Exit


The developer writes in the readme of the game:

    I don't need your 'DONATE'. However, please give the
    playing impression to me.
    I am weak to English. Don't write the slang word for 
    English and write in an easy word.
    Let's enjoy!, thanks.
    webpage 'MAGiC TOUCH' [ http://www10.big.or.jp/~and/ ]
    email [ and § big.or.jp ]

External links

Developer homepage (japanese)