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It's possible to trap yourself in another region setting

A user on DCEMU used the Twilight Hack to directly load this tool with no HBC installed. He assumed that the changes were volatile and would revert after a power cycle. He then changed his region to Japan and is now stuck with a "Japanese" Wii. At last report he was purchasing a Japanese copy of Zelda:TP to reverse the change. I laughed a little at his misfortune but thought some mention should be made that the changes are "permanent"

GameCube Memory Manager region flag?

Do we know yet which flag controls the region of GameCube memory cards that the Wii can read? It's a real pain in the ass having to change the system region just to copy/delete a couple of saves. Still hoping we can find a universal setting that will read cards from all regions.

error getting settings! 0,0,0,0, -24578


i'm having error when running Any region changer on japan set as follow:

error getting settings! 0,0,0,0, -24578

is there any step doing wrong?

That error means the Region changer didn't find the "IPL.EULA" setting in your SYSCONF file. This probably means you haven't ever looked at the EULA on that Wii. Currently, the sysconf lib only supports editing existing settings, because there's adding settings is kind of risky in my opinion. To get around that, you'll have to go into the System Menu, Settings, Internet, User Agreements, and accept the EULA. Actually, the region changer will probably work if you hit "I do not accept," too. --Tona 21:50, 21 August 2008 (UTC)

Jap Wii English Language?

Is it possible to use this to get my Japanese Modded wii to display the system menu in English? I realy want to keep the region as Japanese due to my mod chip...

Thanks Dave