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When you say "normal ARC" file, what format do you refer to then? It is not obviously a RARC file format as described in It might be a variant, but at first glance it is not identical, since it does not include the "RARC" id. Magicus 00:55, 1 March 2008 (PST)

ARC explanation

The URL you gave me seems to be a modification of the ARC, but with compression. This ARC is a normal ARC and it's not compressed at all. You can find the fst (file system table) located in the file, and from there you can get where the files are located in the file. Do some research and I'm sure you can extract it sooner or later.

I'm still not sure what "normal ARC" means. The only other ARC I can think of is the old compression format,, but that's not the format used either. If you have any reference to this "normal ARC" format, please post it here. I've googled to no avail. Instead, I've reverse-engineered most of the format and dubbed it "U8". Magicus 17:18, 1 March 2008 (PST)


Just a note, I've been looking into the sound.bin, so far with the BNS I have found....

On Prince Of Persia - Rival Swords - a LZ77 compressed RIFF file (haven't un LZ77'd it yet to confirm). On Geometry Wars - Galaxies, an uncompressed RIFF file (190K for 2 seconds of audio - awesome).

On the BNS ones:

Starting from the B in BNS, you have:

at Bytes 21-24, the size of the INFO Block, at Bytes 29-32, the size of the DATA Block.

In the INFO block it seems to repeat it's size straight after. Bytes 13-14 appear to contain the Khz of the file, I've seen AC44 (44100),7D00 (32000),5DC0 (24000) and 5622 (22050).

Still trying to work out the rest, as the rest seems to change depending on the length of the INFO Block (seen 96 and 160).