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really good game, only thing is I suck so much that I cant land on any of the bases lol. Also (in case you don't know but you probably do) sometimes the ship just stops where its flying and you have to apply large amounts of thrust to un-stick it.

Thanks for the feedback, you are right I have to improve the cinematic ;)

I'm working on a new version with the following changes:

Future Wiilander 0.37

  • Cinematic improved.
  • WARNING on screen and the Wiimote, when your are over the altitude that generate that ship start to stall
  • Increase the thick of the lines of the mountains.
  • New colours, on the ship (and on the fire??)
  • Three levels, increasing the difficulty.. now first level is a little bit difficult.
  • Screen with instructions.
  • Support of the Wii Balance Board.. (regarding this change I'll need a beta tester)

Any feedback will be welcome!!

--Manny2008 21:49, 21 January 2009 (UTC)