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TypePC utility

ThemeShooter is a small application made to allow HBC theme creators to create screenshots of their themes to put on the HBC theme repository here. ThemeShooter is Windows only, however there is a cross-platform, Python based version called ThemeShooterTk and a native Mac OS X version called ThemeShooterX.


Very simple. Just run ThemeShooter.exe and click "Browse", then select the you want to screen shot. Then click "Make screenshot" and select where to save the screenshot.

If the screenshots the app generates don't have text on them, try right-clicking ThemeShooter.exe and choosing "Run as Administrator". This should only be necessary one time, to install the fonts. On subsequent runs, running normally should suffice.


Screenshot of program


Sample themeshot


Todo List

  • Add choice of background/background_wide and apps_list/apps_grid
  • Randomize bubbles scaling/rotation
  • Add other screens



ThemeShooterTk is a cross-platform, Python based clone of ThemeShooter made by HoKaze.

It can be run on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and most modern Unix-like operating systems so long as the following requirements are met:

  • Python 2.x (Python 2.6 and 2.7 should work fine)
  • Tkinter (should come with python)
  • Python Imaging Library, PIL (Tends to be included with python)
  • PIL: ImageTk Module (on Linux this tends to be kept seperate, look for the "python-imaging-tk" package)

What started off as a quick and dirty clone of the original ThemeShooter has since grown and whilst it may be behind the original and ThemeShooterX, it should hopefully suffice for some basic "themeshots." I do intend on continuing to add to it on the rare occasion I have time.


As of version 0.05:

  • Dummy text (with alpha)
  • Theme previews
  • Screenshot generation
  • Replaces missing images (apart from the background) with images from Dark Water v2 theme
  • Random bubble placement on both preview and screenshots
  • Cross-platform!


The program/source can be downloaded here :



ThemeShooterX Screenshot

ThemeShooterX (made by Leathl) is a Mac OS X version of ThemeShooter (Universal Binary, 32bit PPC and 32/64bit Intel). I made this when I started to learn coding for Mac and was in lack of ideas for applications. It should run under Leopard and Snow Leopard and might also run under Tiger, but I'm not able to test or ensure that, as I have no machine running Tiger.

There are a few differences to the original application:

  • Each opened theme gets its own window including a preview
  • You can choose 4:3 and 16:9 (widescreen)
  • Preferences (changed preferences only affect new opened windows):
    • Draw a pointer (hand) on Themeshots
    • Draw the description defined in theme.xml on Themeshots
    • Adjustable blur effect on Themeshots to get a TV-like look
    • Use application database (see below)

Application Database

ThemeShooterX contains a database including several applications (name, description, icon). You can add/delete applications to/from the database in the preferences window. If turned on, 5 random applications from the database will be drawn on Themeshots instead of "Lorem Ipsum" text.


Application: ThemeShooterX 1.0
Source: ThemeShooterX 1.0 Source



  • Added theme previewing
  • Rejects incorrectly sized images
  • Bubble positioning is now random (don't blame me if they overlap :P)


  • Text implemented, including colour read from theme.xml
  • Some positioning made more accurate
  • Improved "the Homebrew Channel" text
  • Missing images replaced with ones from "Dark Waters v2" theme by NeoRame, with exception of background.png, which MUST be present


  • Initial release
  • All images implemented, no text