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Here is a list of tutorials available here or on external sites. Read Developer_Tips sooner then later.

If you edit this page, try to include some 'review' of the tutorial, please.


Getting started. Devkit, Installing new libs, etc.

Getting Started

Installing devkitPPC, Setup your project folder, Compile the Hello World Example, Run the Hello World Example on the emulator, Run the Hello World Example on the Wii using wiiload

Read Getting_Started_with_devkitppc


more focused on windows.

Read [[1]]

Code mii: Setting up

read [[2]]

C, C++ and MakeFiles

Code mii: Makefiles, basics of C, compiling source code and dealing with errors

Read [[3]]

Code mii: Arrays

Read [[4]]


Code mii: Jpeg images

Not the best way to show game sprites... but get's you started (or at least, in contact with) on using other external libraries, arrays, memset, pointers.

Read [[5]]

Code mii: Image change

Read [[6]]]


Code mii: Controller input

How to detect button presses on the wiimote. Also on the gamecube controler for use on the emulator.

Read [[7]]

Code mii: Cursors

Start by creating a box cursor on the screen, then moving it with the analog on gamecube controler. Finally it enables the IR mode on the wiimote and use that for positioning the box cursor.

Read [[8]]

Code mii: buton clicking

Read [[9]]

Game development