Updating IOS by hand

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The update partition for Animal Crossing: City Folk (RUUE) contains IOS38, which may be required for the game's WiiSpeak feature. But it also contains System Menu 3.3 and a "fixed" IOS30 and IOS31, which prevents any "trucha"-signed discs from running, including the Homebrew Channel installer ISO versions.

Do not confuse with the October 23rd update, which fixes the signing bug in every IOS.

The Disc Channel will not let you start Animal Crossing: City Folk until you've installed all updates from the partition. Here's how to install the new IOS so that Animal Crossing: City Folk will work:

  1. Use Google to find and download Wii Update File Extractor and WAD-Manager, and put them on your SD card. If necessary, convert them from .elf to .dol.
  2. Use Wii Update File Extractor to dump the update partition to an SD card with 200 MB free.
  3. Create a folder at the root of your SD card called wad
  4. Move IOS38-64-v###.wad from the root into the wad folder.
  5. Use WAD-Manager to install IOS38 to your Wii console.
  6. Animal Crossing: City Folk will now load correctly through the Disc Channel.

Based on an explanation provided by Muzer in #wiihelp