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Cyndaquil's Page

Cyndaquil is a Pokemon before you ask about the name.... I like Pokemon but I'm not totally crazy about it or anything...

But I'm a HUGE FAN OF Wii Homebrew. I love the idea of free software that's made by the people for the people.

Personal Motto: "If you want to make money, charge a huge price for a great program. If you want your program to become famous and popular, make it freeware."

Homebrew Apps Requests:

A music/movie player with a friendly, skinnable format (like DMP) that can play WMAs (like MPlayer), lets you create playlists (like WiiReader), has the Disk Slot light to the music (like DMP), and plays videos/movie files.

A 'Wiiero' game with a one player mode (CPU replaces player 2) and an online mode.

Games like UNO and Jewel Quest in English language.

A PC CD game player: Should be possible, but the CDs might have to be DVDs, or the Wii would have to be modchipped. Feedback Please?


Cyndaquil Thrill - An okay Pokemon Website I made a while back and no longer edit.

My Youtube Account