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Hi, I'm Jay.

9-9-09: The Beatles: Rockband is released! OOOOOOOOOH BOYEEEE!

I own a Wii with System Menu 3.4 with Homebrew Chan and DVDX for 3.4 installed.

Here are the programs I have installed in HBC:

Balance Board Tools DopeWars Wii FCE Ultra GX (NES Emu) Genesis Plus GX Homeberew Browser PONG2 Quake Smashing! Snes 9x GX Wii2600 WiiBreaker WiiEarth WiiPhysics WiiRadio YahtzWii

I also own the following games (most purchased used from GameStop..I love Gamestop)

Top Shelf:

Rockband 2 Guitar Hero Aerosmith Guitar Hero World Tour Guitar Hero III Legends Of Rock SNK ARcade Classics Pinball Hall of Fame: The Willams Collection Dream Pinball 3d Mario Kart Wii

Bottom Shelf (the ones I hardly play):

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Cabelas Big Game Hunter AMF Bowling Pinbusters TopSpin 3 Winter Sports 2: The Next Challenge (Balance Board compatible) The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess (how much was HBC worth to me? $45 - I've never played this game) The Simpsons Game Bully: The Schloarship Edition Jeep Thrills Kawasaki Quad Bikes Need For Speed: ProStreet Ford Racing: Off-Road Monopoly WiiPlay WiiFit Blazing Angles Sam & Max Season 1 Mercury Meltdown Revolution (good game, getting moved to top shelf)

Accessories (I own the following)

4 Wii-remotes 2 nunchucks 2 classic controllers 2 Nintendo Wii Wheels and 2 generic wheels Balance Board Gibson Guitar from GH:III Guitar from GH: WT Drums from GH: WT USB mic from GH: WT 2gb PNY MicroSD Card w/ SD Adapter generic component cable wireless sensor bar

I mostly play either Guitar Hero, Pinball, or an emulator.