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I'm Owen. I first started programming back in 1998 on Turbo Pascal 7, writing a custom GUI. Nowadays I spend most of my time writing web applications in PHP and SQL (which has made me incredibly lazy, sporadic and unable to focus on long projects).
I have good experience in writing code in C-like languages; PHP, Java basically anything with documentation. Lately I have been writing lots of reports and making simple games.

I can be contacted by email. The contact info on my website or owensoft((at))gmail((dot))com, the WiiBrew Forum or on the GRRLIB forum on the GRRLIB forum (same username).
Special Thanx to the Guys over at GRRLIB and Devkitpro

Follow my game development on twitter @NewoGame and personal mega blog

If you like charts you can monitor the Newogame leaderboards - Sept 2013

Homebrew Projects

  • Newo Sky: procedurally generated walking simulator/demo. Sep 2017
  • Newo Escape: your planet explodes and being chased by a bounty hunter, try to escape. Dec 2013
  • Newo Defence: a missle defence game but with planets, population and asteroids in space. Sept 2013
  • Newo Tokyo: a Demo / ScreenSaver / Illustration. Aug 10 2013
  • Newo Asteroids: Asteroids game with 3d models and custom colours. Oct 2013
  • Newo Shooter: a 3d spaceship shooting game on rails (almost like Starfox SNES) - Updated Sept 2011 - still working on new version
  • Newo Puzzle: Simple 3d block tetris like game. Made for NMAX WII DEV COMPO 2011. - not going to update
  • Starfield: A demo (with source) of the starfield effect I use. - planning a textured version