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I'm RazorChrist. I first started in console programming when making homebrew for PSP. Now, I've decided to take my ideas to the Wii. If you add me on Wii, please be sure to send me your Wii codes as well, so I can add you.

PS2 = Softmodded Slim w/ Free MCBoot v1.8b
PSP = Softmodded Phat v5.00 m33-6 w/ 1.50 Kernel Addon
WII = Softmodded v3.3u w/ Homebrew Channel v1.0.7 & IOS36v4.18

Add Me on Wii

Game Code
Console 3920-2522-5027-9679
Mario Kart 4468-5724-3643
Smash Bros Brawl 3653-5251-9870
CoD: World at War 1676-8862-0147
CoD: Modern Warfare Reflex 5051-6724-2949
The Conduit 1591-2623-0053

Current Projects in Development


Misc Wii Mods

Nunchuck Solder01 Nunchuck LED01 Nunchuck LED02
Nunchuck Solder01 Nunchuck LED Mod01 Nunchuck LED Mod02

See a video of it in action: Nunchuck LED Video