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New developer. Some experience a couple years ago with C++, more perl and definitely new to makefiles and multi-file linking/compiling.

Working on getting familiar with wiisprite with the intention of using it for decent menus. Current state of that plan: [1] Originally I tried to make the bouncing create new random directions instead of just reflecting the incident trajectory (i *= -1), but the sprite kept tunneling through the walls. I'm not sure if it's because the collisions were sort of an overlap or what. Looking into it more later in the week. Or maybe not because since when do menus bounce around?

My ultimate goal is to port a C64 emulator to the Wii, since I never quite got it working with my PS2. ROM compatibility is still pretty shaky across the board, but I think the top two I'm considering are CCS64 (may be tricky since I don't think it's open source) and VIC/VICE.