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libwsmenu is a brand new project with the intention of building a wrapper for libwiisprite to easily create menus for homebrew software. It will be hosted at Google Code

Project Info

Proposed Features

  • Main object that takes a one or two dimensional array of function pointers and builds workable menus out of them. Will also need a corresponding array of text or images for each button, button backgrounds, menu background.
  • Allow copying a menu object, so that one main menu can be created with other sub menus copied therefrom and modified.
  • Use wiimote IR input with a default cursor

Possible issues

  • I can't think of an easy way to allow a mix of text AND images over buttons on the menu. Unless maybe an "icon" class with an overloaded constructor?
  • The menu, buttons and all will have to sit in a LayerManager, but LayerManager has no visible option, so where do we put the Menu when not in use? Or is it better to discard the menu from memory and rebuild later? Will look into how this is done on other software.
  • The classes can't be checking the wiimote all willy nilly, so user will have to init wpad and make a call to check called states and all that

Development information

  • devkitpro (libogc/devkitppc/libfat/wiiuse)
  • libwiisprite

Borrowing heavily from