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=="Scientist" Class Name Change to "Hacker", Materials for Equipment, and Ammo Stuff==
{| align="center" border="10"
I propose we change the class name of "Scientist" to "Hacker". It really does fit the description a bit more. Also, with the healing part, since he is handy with computers, he would be skilled at suit repairs. So he would have to go to a team mate and start repairs, in the meantime, neither one can move, but either one can cancel the repairs. On the other hand, the "Item Creation" part fits less with hacker. Since it is mostly a non-combat support class, it should defiantly keep the item creation. Instead of chemicals, he could deal with scrap metal, wires, crystals, energy sources, etc to make better items/ammo. In the stations, we could make those materials appear in random locations, so he would have to go out looking for them (or other classes would look for it to give to him). There would be differant types of weapons, requiring so much of metals and wires and stuff, then he can further upgrade them, which would require crystals and energy sources and wires, etc.
      ________      .__
Example: A hacker makes an Arm Canon from the "Arm cannon blueprints" he found. He uses up "5 Scap Metal", "3 Wires", "1 Crystal", and "1 Fuel Cell (Energy Source)". His friend gives him some more materials. He uses the materials, opens the "Upgrade" menu for that item, and select "Upgrade Energy Source" then selects "Ion Generator (Energy Source), He gets an error saying "The parts are incompatible, the weapon needs to be lvl 5 to do so". He decides it is not worth the time to train with the item (to give the item EXP to level up), and decides to manually upgrade it. He spends "1 metal" and "5 wires" to get to lvl 2, then "2 metal" and "1 crystal" to get to lvl 3, etc. Now that it is level 5, he tries to upgrade the energy source to "Ion Generator", it uses "1 Ion Generator (Energy Source)", "5 Crystals" and "30 Wires". He then goes to upgrade the damage, but gets an error saying "You do not have enough materials to upgrade that, you need: 3 'Crystals', 1 'Metal', and 15 'Wires'". He realizes that he has all the other materials but only has 2 crystals. His friend donates him one more and he successfully upgrades the weapon.
      /  _____/_____  |  | _____  ___  ______.__.
    /  \  ___\__  \ |  | \__  \ \  \/  <  |  |
Bullets will also work simularly, the above example would use energy, so the main thing it concentrates on is the "Energy Source". Bullets would be similar, you would go to the upgrade menu, select "Ammunition", select "Standard Bullets" and go to their upgrade menu, then pick "Upgrade Damage" and pick like "Piercing" and it will ask "How many" and you would say like "100" and it would turn that many into "Piercing Bullets". Now you are in the upgrade menu for the "Piecing Bullets" and if you want to go back to standard bullets, you just push B and select them. Upgrading/creating them will require materials too, so it would have those same error messages and everything, but there is no level restriction on ammo. But do remember, Ammo is limmited and so are resources. Sure, you can make 1 "Piercing Ricochet Ice Fire Spray-Shot Multihit Bullet" (if you have all the exotic materials to do it~) or you can make 500 "Rocochet Bullets" with the same number of materials. At higher levels, the "1" would be like "500" and the "500" one would be like "5,000", but at that point, the Ricochet would do like no damage to anything, so it would make sense to go with those super bullets. Also, a gun of any level can use any of its ammunation, no matter how far it is upgraded. Meaning a lvl 1 gun that uses bullets and a lvl 100 gun that uses bullets can both use the "Piercing Ricochet Ice Fire Spray-Shot Multihit Bullet", but a lvl100 missile launcher can not even use a "Standard Bullet", but a lvl100 missile launcher could use eny type of missile. Understand what I mean?
    \    \_\  \/ __ \|  |__/ __ \_>    < \___  |
      \______  (____  /____(____  /__/\_ \/ ____|
Please reply about the change of the name from scientist to hacker. Also indicate if you agree about the kind of scenario thing. I will post later today about my proposition for the kinda of experience I brushed over above. If we all agree, then we will make the change to the name, if you agree with the weapon materials, say that you do as well and we will make the change. If you agree with the ammunition type kinda thing as well, reply and we will make the change.--[[User:CloneDeath|CloneDeath]] 19:59, 3 July 2008 (CEST)
            \/    \/          \/      \/\/   
  _________ __          __  .__
:Renaming the scientist to '''Hacker''' would be more logical, yes, and you're not the first one to indicate that. So I guess it is completely OK, especially at this development stage. However, with the weapon-crafting, it would fit the engineer somehow better, as he is.. well, an engineer. The whole item-crafting mechanic could prove very nice, but it's too early in the development process to make already such a complex system. We should hammer down the basics of the game and then improve on that. Weapon experience btw should be not depend on the weapon, or the type of weapon (rockets, lasers, bullets) etc. Ammunition was kinda planned this way for the scientist btw, you just wrote it down more accurately. --[[User:Chaosteil|Chaosteil]] 21:25, 3 July 2008 (CEST)
  /  _____// |______ _/ |_|__| ____  ____  ______
  \_____  \\  __\__  \\  __\  |/ _ \ /    \ /  ___/
::I learned before that you need a "Concept" page to throw EVERYTHING on. Without one, I have found that you may reach a point where you are not really sure what to do next. It also is a way of monitoring every idea so things don't get lost. I usually write it down on a bunch of scraps of paper (or type it in word, kinda like you do) and they always get very long. The concept is our "End Goal" or "Design Specs". you are correct, it is too early to concentrate on it (hence why I kinda was vague and very general), but that is what the "To Do" list is for. Right now, we should be concentrating on the short term things and where we are now, with the list. The concept is just where we kinda state where our end goal will be, reguardless of where we currently are. Make sense? Short Term = To Do List. Long Term = Concept.--[[User:CloneDeath|CloneDeath]] 21:42, 3 July 2008 (CEST)
  /       \|  |  / __ \|  | | ( <_> )   |  \\___ \
/_______  /|__| (____  /__| |__|\____/|___|  /____  >
:::Ok, yeah, that looks reasonable. However, should not the engineer be the one with the ability to build weapons? Or should we leave the engineer how he is and let the hacker do the dirty work? If the hacker would do weapons, the engineer could still make armor or such. --[[User:Chaosteil|Chaosteil]] 21:47, 3 July 2008 (CEST)
        \/          \/                    \/     \/
::::Ok, you are right, Engineer should make the equips and stuff as well, and only hackers could upgrade/make bullets. Here is what the difference would be (A revision of my previous statement):
        Massive Multiplayer 2D Action Adventure
::::The Engineer would be like how I previously described the hackers. Hackers would be a support, they would mostly stay behind and let the others do the fighting. He might come across the control room, then control security cameras, open doors, activate traps, etc. He could also control droids that he comes across at a station. Those ones will have a built in "Self Destruct" if they leave the station, so they can't be used across stations. Engineers would also be able to create and upgrade drones (low levels might just get a cheap small spider bot that can move around, jump, and self-destruct, while higher levels would get like a starwars like drone bot thing with machine guns and a force field or something). The bots would be pretty expendable, but custom made drones (made by engineers) would not have that "Self Destruct" feature. (So a hacker could have a couple Self-Destruct Spiders ready to throw out before the Warior goes barging in.) Also, pieces of the drone could be salvaged if it is destroyed. So, for the most part, you could be able to grab the materials, and give them to an engineer to make more (although some pieces would be beyond use, so it would be like 5 metal to make a spider drone, and you could only salvage 3 metal or something). Also, repairs and upgrades would be your prime way of getting XP as an engineer, so if a hacker just totally wastes your drone, just go gather the pieces quickly and put it back together for quick and easy XP. Anyways, This is just a proposition of how hackers/engineers would work together. If you like this, then I will write it up a bit more organized under the two classes.--[[User:CloneDeath|CloneDeath]] 00:18, 4 July 2008 (CEST)
:::::Drones should be a big part of the engineer experience, but don't forget that he should be able to build other machinery like force-field generators, microchips (I have planned microchips to get code from hackers, so that an agent can sneak to a computer not connected to the main computer, apply the microchip, and then the hacker could access some features of the computer through the main computer. I hope that makes sense :p), and other sneaky stuff. Also he is able to fly around the station with his jetpack, so there may be also some monsters to defeat. Just don't forget that when doing your changes to the concept. Apart from that, I like your additions :p --[[User:Chaosteil|Chaosteil]] 00:31, 4 July 2008 (CEST)
::::::I ment like, The engineer can deploy them too, and their own little AI would take over (Like the spider bots would just keep walking forward, climbing walls and all, until it hits an enemy and self-destructs. They would also be able to make turrets that would remain stationary and shoot only if something walks right in front of it. But the hacker would be able to take control of one of his drones, this allowing the hacker a bit of combat, but still letting engineer control it all. Also, the hacker would have to go up to a drone herself to make a few modifications or something so it works, and the hacker can only control 1 at a time. Also, I think any class should be allowed a jet pack (Like the space jump in metroid, but it does not do damage) but it will be a higher level item and use fuel. That way it isn't over-abused and stuff.--[[User:CloneDeath|CloneDeath]] 02:10, 4 July 2008 (CEST)
:::::::Urm, that's what I wanted to prevent, actually. The classes should stay unique, and if everyone would have high jumps, what would be the need of the engineer then? With his walk-on-walls ability he can currently serve as platform for those, who can't jump that high. And the jetpack is, as said, only used outside to hover around (think of the actual game Jetpack). Drones are a nice addition btw and should definitely be in ;) --[[User:Chaosteil|Chaosteil]] 02:24, 4 July 2008 (CEST)
Please go to the official Galaxy Stations website, which can be found [http://galaxy.adan0s.de/wiki/index.php?title=Talk:Concept here]
==Tutorial Level==
My girlfriend was playing Zero Mission, and I am thinking the training "tutorial" level should be like that. You start off with none, then quickly get one thing (like a sword/gun), then after they kill someone you get ledge grab, then you use it to get to a higher platform, then (if you are a hacker) you get like a computer, then you use it to hack a door open, or if you are an agent, you get sticky gloves and climb up a wall, etc...
:I had another idea: You start at the academy (each class should have its own academy) and get some quests based on your class to do. Once you're done you get rewarded with a military scouter ship and a quest to reach the next city/sector/whatever. This could also introduce the player to the story of this game, and is not so claustrophobic as your version I guess --[[User:Chaosteil|Chaosteil]] 02:27, 4 July 2008 (CEST)
:Agents are also not allowed to climb on walls, only engineers should ever walk on them :p
::I thought that agents would climb walls, since they are the sneaky sneaky guys. --[[User:CloneDeath|CloneDeath]] 05:07, 4 July 2008 (CEST)
:::Sneaky sneaky != climbing on walls ;p The engineer is allowed to walk on walls because of his boots and can serve even as platform for other players. The agent may only be allowed to morph himself into other stuff and DPS'ing a lot, as well doing some sneaky stuff.. Anyway, I guess later we will see what fits best for everyone --[[User:Chaosteil|Chaosteil]] 09:28, 4 July 2008 (CEST)
== Outer space ==
I hope everyone likes the idea to use the spaceship on a sector (which is connected with other sectors via jumpgates) to enter different stations. Stations to raid are then instanced on entering. When a player enters a station it could show all available docking rooms and the player could select on which one he would like to dock. Any additional suggestions? --[[User:Chaosteil|Chaosteil]] 21:37, 3 July 2008 (CEST)
:I like the whole "Instance of a space ship" thing, I kinda assumed that is what you meant anyways. Add the whole docking thing and instances to the concept. I also think there should be plannets. Not like "Open world blah blah blah", They would be just like a space station, but differently themed. Maybe moons and "evacuated colonies" or something as well. --[[User:CloneDeath|CloneDeath]] 21:45, 3 July 2008 (CEST)
::Ok, I'll add it to this now. Planets are also a nice idea, and could be easily implemented actually, as they would be just other "stations" --[[User:Chaosteil|Chaosteil]] 21:47, 3 July 2008 (CEST)
== Proposal for suitparts ==
This is what I had in mind with the suitparts, but I don't know if it's a perfect configuration, so I haven't put this into the concept:
=== Equippable areas ===
*Main Hand - Weapons are placed here.
*Off Hand - Only the Warrior can use this slot for weapons, or the Agent for two-handed swords. Utilities (screwdriver?) may be placed here.
*Visor - probably some scanner to scan tiles and enemies. Could also extend the HUD.
*Chest - Main armor part, should have the most armor.
*Legs - Speed?
*Boots - Jumping height? (Different types of boots for engineers can climb higher)
=== Stats / inventory ===
*Health Container - Different containers can add either more health, faster regeneration rate, or both.
*Energy Container - Different containers can add either more energy, faster regeneration rate, or both.
*Licenses (10-20, maybe expandable?) - Allows to equip different types of items, but may also block access to other licenses.
*Item Container - Allows to carry more items at once.
=== Additional slots ===
Additional Warrior slot:
*Rocket launchers - On the warriors shoulders, have different capacity, multiple types
<br />
Additional Agent slot:
*Bombs - Have different effects for different tiles or enemys. Bombs can be laid on the ground and also work as traps.
This Item replaces "Chest" part for Agent:
*Morph unit - Allows to morph into special machinery or get invisible, higher level should also extend length of morph. Special machinery may allow the agent to do special attacks. Here are some high-level descriptions of such morph units:
** Morph ball - probably doesn't need any introduction
** Invisibility - allows the agent to melt with the surroundings to be invisible for a specific amount of time.
<br />
Additional Engineer slot:
*Jetpack - Allows to hover around the station in outer space. The better the higher and also allows to hover longer. Exceptionally good jetpacks may cause damage to enemies.
<br />
Additional Hacker slot:
*Connector - Allows the Hacker to connect to better computers and bypass security system more efficiently. Maybe we could also add to let the hacker access more features with a better connector. These are the highest-level configurations of connectors:
**USB - The standard connector. Most common, and hacker has it by default.
**Firewire - Slightly more obscure, but easy to obtain.
**PCMCIA - Rare, only useful for retrieving information from computers.
**RS-232 - Fairly common interface, hard to find connector.
**RS-422 - Only appears on very large and old stations, extremely difficult to obtain.
<br />
Of course I'm open to completely change everything here, this is just something I had in mind for this game. --[[User:Chaosteil|Chaosteil]] 18:47, 4 July 2008 (CEST)
:I enjoy it, it seems like a nice outline, I agree to putting it in the concept somewhere around items (maybe make an equipment header). I think that each class should have a different number of health/energy slots available for each level. (Ie: Warior has 1 health slots at lvl 1, 2 at lvl 3, 3 at lvl 6, 4 at lvl 10, etc. While Engineer would have like 1 health slot at lvl 1, 2 at lvl 5, 3 at lvl 10, 4 at lvl 15, etc.) Same kind of thing would be for energy slots. So while maybe an engineer would get more health slots, the hacker would get more energy slots. Keep your thing how it is unless others approve of my idea. Even then, we would need to discuss that information.
:Anyways, I approve his addition to concept. --[[User:CloneDeath|CloneDeath]] 18:27, 7 July 2008 (CEST)
== Difficulty change ==
There was an idea on the #galaxystations channel that the difficulty could rise if more players join a station. Ideally the monsters would be harder to beat, but would drop better loot. The idea is really nice, but it is actually really hard to implement: What if players join/leave the group and other players are already in it?
*If we wouldn't change anything, this could simplify hard fights by large.
*If we would rise/lower the stats, how about the enemys the players are already fighting against?
There is an idea of having the difficulty chosen when entering the station, but is that really the best way? Discuss, please --[[User:Chaosteil|Chaosteil]] 23:54, 4 July 2008 (CEST)
:I have 3 systems in mind: "Static Auto Calculate", "Dynamic Auto Calculate" and, "Player Choice".
*In "Static Auto Calculate" (SAC for future reference) the game would automatically calculate the difficulty to choose from. A level would contain 5 difficulty classes (Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard), and the auto-calculator would automatically give us a PR ("Party Rating" - A number to signify the strength of the party. Basically the sum of the levels of each person divided by the number of people. It can also be used to handicap weaker classes, ie: since a hacker is not to adept at fighting, we would calculate that players level as "Hacker lvl (x)0.75" and use this slightly lower number to represent his "player level" when calculating PR.). Then the computer would select a difficulty depending on the PR. If someone leaves/enters the game, the PR remains the same. This is my least favorite, but makes it easiest for the user. It is least notible for the user (meaning they have no idea that it is happening, they do not even know that sometimes the level is harder). It also holds the highest chance of exploitation.
*In "Dynamic Auto Calculate" (DAC for future reference), every few minutes or so, the game will run another PR ("Party Rating", see last system for definition) check, and switch the difficulty based on the 5 difficulties available. This is not my favorite method, but not my least favorite. Players may notice a "shift" of dificulty in the monsters when someone levels or leaves/enters the station. This does require no concentration on the user, they can just ignore it as in the previous system.
*In "Player Choice" (PAC for future reference, yes I know "Why the "A"?". Simply to keep the Acronyms simple and easy to remember.) the player (or players) would choose the difficulty. Upon entering a space station, we could have the first to connect (the party leader) decide the difficulty, and it would remain unaltered, even if more people enter/leave. They could have a vote or have the Party leader change the difficulty or something, but it would apply to only monsters that are not being fought currently. ie "This boss that I am currently fighting is still hard, but in the next room that boss will be very easy since we have not loaded it yet". I like this the most, since it would let people compare how well they can do on a level as well as let people feel more comfortable moving forward, as well as let them see their progression (ie, I used to only be able to do this level on very easy, but now that I am 50 levels higher I can do it on hard (or something)). It is obvious to players, and since we design around this, it would not be very hard to exploit.
:Those are my 3 proposals. I prefer PAC, since from there we can incorperate some sort of "High Score" system, thus adding a bit more attraction to our games. (ie: "I know I can beat this level on very hard in under 8:23!" or something). I dunno, those are my thoughts --[[User:CloneDeath|CloneDeath]] 18:50, 7 July 2008 (CEST)

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