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the twilight hack is intended to let a user run homebrew on a virgin wii. if they are able to downgrade, they dont need twilight hack. additionally, downgrading is a VERY bad idea, as if a wii had 4.2 installed through official channels, is also has a stub ios30, 50 and 60. downgrading to 3.2 will only install a working ios30 and leave a stub ios50 and 60 in place. if the user then uses a "safe" updater to get to 4.1 say, the updater will install sysmenu 4.1 but will NOT install a working ios60. but back to the point, someone who is looking in the FAQ to see if tphack works with 4.2 is not interested in finding out that that "yes, you can run homebrew, if you run some homebrew first". tphack is dead, every sysmenu that it supported can be hacked with bannerbomb so bannerbomb completely supplants tphack, the page is there for sentimental and historical reasons only. please return the page to a state where it reflects this reality. perhaps a small note somewhere stating that the ability to use it can be reinstated if you just want to see it in action, is a better idea than telling n00bs that it still works. --Yossi 21:19, 1 April 2010 (UTC)