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Your Luigi Circuit record kept me entertained for a while! Expect more in the future! --WiiV0lt

Ha ha, how come? I have a new one to send you. cant remember which course though! Have you beaten any of the Nintendo Expert times yet? --WiiV0lt

Given you a few more challenges to keep you busy! --WiiV0lt

Hows the GP going? I am still stuck at begining of 150cc, too busy on time trials ;-). Couple more sent your way btw. Oh yeah, i have added you on my wii btw - 5349-7653-7500-8396. --WiiV0lt

It would be nice to get in the top ten but i dont think it is likely!! Some of those times are crazy!!! I have some catching up to do on the GP then! --WiiV0lt

Yeah I am in London at the moment so dont think my Wii is being used, will be back in barcelona tomorrow though, the friend code is added. --WiiV0lt

I came back after a few days and all my records had been thrashed!! Luckily Luigi Circuit only took a couple of attepts ;)--WiiV0lt

Nice one! to be honest I was thinking yesterday how there are some courses I havent even done a time trial on! Still havent done the GPs! --WiiV0lt

Good timing on Luigi Circuit mate, where did you learn that trick from? lol. I have to definately congratulate you on Dry Dry Ruins! Cant beat that! What do you think of the competition? I think its a bit crap to be honest! --WiiV0lt

Thats exactly what i was doing but it gets boring after a few times playing it! There just seems no point because you get in front then your basically racing by yourself apart from the odd blue shell. Did you unlock the mii outfit 2 from unlocking all the nintendo expert ghosts? I thought I had but i must be missing a couple somewhere! --WiiV0lt

Someone's been busy on the time trials! I have decided to start another account just using the wheel, it is bloody difficult to get used to! --WiiV0lt

Epic name!

Nice to know I'm not the only fan of Pepsi Man! XD ----PotentialExperience 21:16, 8 October 2009 (UTC)