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Hi. I saw a post you made last year on the forum (,65351,65408#msg-65408 ) where you said you were able to get gcmodplay to work with asndlib instead of aesndlib.

Well, I've hit a similar annoying problem as the one you experienced.... I can't use MOD files and MP3 or OGG files in the same game, because gcmodplay was changed to use aesnd but everything else uses asnd (why in the world did they do that?). At least I was able to use chris's example code to get sound effects working with aesnd, but it sucks that any music file not in MOD format has to be converted to RAW to be used with aesndlib!

How hard is it to get gcmodplay to use asndlib again? I really don't know about rebuilding anything.... I don't suppose it's as easy as replacing certain files with the rebuilt ones? --Mr. Reaper 05:44, 24 July 2012 (CEST)

Hi Reaper, Just spotted your post

However I stopped using that mod player some time back as I found a new one called GRRMOD (its playback is far better) here's my code that uses it , it includes the GRRMOD lib I’ve tweaked. This new Lib is under “Extra_libs_needed.Source”

I posted this about it…,69350,69350#msg-69350 Note: My project's a Mercurial repository; source tab says what to do to get code (TortoiseHg works well for me)

If you still need to use gcmodplay drop me another line and I’ll post up a working example or something.

GRRMOD looks good... I could use the ability to play MOD, MP3, and XM files, but I really am lost as far as knowing how to implement it.... I got Devkitpro and GRRlib installed of course -- I can use them, but I don't really understand how it all works, heh. Is it difficult to install your modified GRRMOD (and modified aesnd) on top of that (if it's not too much trouble)?

Would it be easier to get gcmodplay to co-exist with the ability to play MP3 files? --Mr. Reaper 21:48, 28 July 2012 (CEST)

Probably easier to use GRRMOD - I’ve compile the grrmod lib without MP3 support as the MP3 stuff was said not to be completed by the chaps developing it.

For mp3 type technology I use Ogg vorbis, take a look at tremor for playing oggs. I tend to stay away from mp3 as things like oggs are far better quality while taking up less disk space. Have a look at tremor for the wii (example oggplayer.cpp/h in my Bolt Thrower code) *** But leave this to last, get grrmod working first **

GRRMOD comes with a working demo, I’ve changed a bit, now just plays music with a blank screen as it had dependences on graphics stuff I did not want to use, see: \Extra_libs_needed.Source\Source\GRRMOD\Source\main.c, in my bolt thrower google code To install GRRMOD just copy the files, grrmod.h & libgrrmod.a (from GRRMOD dir, make sure to use my updated grrmod lib from Google code, not the official one!!!) to C:\devkitPro\libogc\include\grrmod.h C:\devkitPro\libogc\lib\wii\libgrrmod.a (example is default path)

Use the main.c demo as starting point (I’ve just upload a fix to this demo as this did not compile, download a fresh version if need be)

your makefile should look something like this ...

LIBS := -lfat -lvorbisidec -lpng -lz -lgrrmod -lwiiuse -lbte -laesnd -logc -lm

Let me know how you get on :) --Titmouse 17:04, 29 July 2012 (CEST)