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VGA output for the wii

several cables are apearing now. all have pros and cons.


480i vs 480p

480p is what you want VGA output for. but some games (e.g. Gamecube and some wiiware?) only works on 480i. This means that if the cable does not support the lower 480i, then you can't see anything whe trying to use said games.

Also, you will not see anything if the wii is set to 480i beforehand. forcing you to move it back to your tv (if you have one available) to set it to 480p there. And since the wii menu is point and click, you can't do it blindly.

VGA male/female

the output vga conector may be either male or female.

The male one you plug directly into the monitor. That can be a problem if your monitor has a 'native' vga cable hanging out. you will need a gender changer plug.

The female one is just like a vga video card connector. you connect any cable that you would connect to your PC anyway.



Vdigi.jpg $40.00

  • cons
    • absolutely no support for 480i. only 480p.
    • only B&W composite output (just to work around 480i limitation)
  • inputs
    • wii
  • output
    • vga
    • crippled composite / RCA video
    • stereo composite audio


Mayflash.png $30.00

  • pros
    • works with ps3 as well.
    • composite output included.
  • inputs
    • wii
    • ps3
  • outpus


X2vga.png $60.00

SquidMan owns one.