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This is to act as a central point for the requesting, suggesting, and possibly voting on potential logos for projects related to Wii homebrew. Needless to say, all images must be released under an acceptable free license.

Zelda Chainloader

By segher (Suggested names so far are 'zelchalo', 'zelda tp chainloader', and 'epwna.dol')

<segher> anyone want to help? i need a nice logo -- 192x64, and perhaps a 48x48 as well. it's for the zelda chainloader
<segher> i don't know how it's going to be called yet
<segher> it should have "zelda tp" somewhere recognisable in it
<segher> do _not_ use the original banner artwork, though
<segher> i'm sure there will be one design that is head-and-shoulders above the rest
<segher> and we'll just go with that

Username in alphabetical order, pictures in order of release:

  • mrshlee
    • Pic 1 (Possibly disqualified if elements are not under an acceptable free license)