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This is a basic Channel FAQ for #wiidev on EFnet. If you ask a question that's answered here in the channel, do not expect a nice answer.

If you:

  • Have a question but it is not answered here, please post it in the discussion of this page.
  • Have a new question and answer or a different answer to a pre-existing question and think it would be interesting to others, please post it here!
  • Want to help out, check out how to contribute.

We are currently running a number of contests for logos! Checkout Logo Candidates if you, or someone you know, is artistically inclined (or if you just want to see the talent of our users).

Specifying Purpose

The point of #wiidev is to bring together people who have an interest in -- and an ability to -- help further Wii homebrew development.

It is NOT for:

  • Warez
  • Backups (even "legal" ones)
  • Modchips (information, help, etc)
  • Keys (key.bin, *.bin, etc)
  • General console chit-chat (unreleased games, etc)

Linking counts too. Go to #wiihack for these things.

General Wordings

As things develop, the channel goes through ebbs and tides of activity. Days go by without a single word, and sometimes we see 200+ people, all trying to talk at once. In order to keep some order, we discourage discussion of the above topics. While they may occasionally come up in conversation in relation to legitimate dev work, usually they are brought up by people when they first join the channel. If you do this, expect to be kicked and possibly banned.

Newcomers are welcome, but please spend some time (at least an hour; better a day or a week) watching the subjects of conversation before joining, unless you're positive you have something novel to contribute. The mods are very quick to tempban if something is merely loosely related to the forbidden topics. They are also have no qualms about permabanning, even for minor infractions.

In this room just saying the wrong number could get your IP blacklisted. There are many other places to talk on EFnet, namely #wiihack. If it isn't allowed, take it to #wiihack. Think before pressing enter.


If you have something to say in the channel, say it in English. If you want to talk to someone in moon speak, do it in a private message or another channel. As a channel for general discussion related to wiidev everyone benefits from using the same language.


The point of the FAQ is so people can refer to it to get the latest info so people don't have to keep asking. Something must be asked at least a few times before being put into any part of the FAQ. Since things move so quickly, there tend to be questions that are repeatedly asked within a short amount of time, but won't be asked after some other event happens; This is what Questions of the Moment is for. Questions that are asked about generally recognized core parts of the project and will be around for a long time are in the Main FAQ.

Questions of the Moment

What does the "progress: [======]" in the #wiidev topic mean?
The Twilight_Hack has been release as an alpha version.

Main FAQ

Hi, I can't code/reverse engineer/test but I would like to help , what can I do?
You can hang around if you want, but please stop asking the same questions over and over again. See below.

"Hey, I have this really great idea ... what if you try just <.....>"
Been there, done that. Go away.

Ooooo look I have a cool Wiimote/Glovepie script/tool/program
Go to #wiihack. Yes, we know there are many nifty things you can do with the input it provides, but unless you can make it provide MORE input, do not mention it on #wiidev.

Is it hacked yet? / Does homebrew run yet?
The answer is: no, not for most people. Be assured you will find out when it changes to yes. In the meantime, please stop asking the same question.

Can we run backups / pirate games yet?
Get lost, or go to #wiihack. We do not deal with illegal copying of games.

How can I do ...... on Wii?
Read the manual, or search the net. This channel is meant to be used to discuss Wii development and reverse engineering, not everything relating to the Wii.

How can WiiLi be so far already?
They are not. Wiili doesn't have a distro, doesn't know how to run homebrew, and they basically just have a good-looking site. There is no proof we can run anything from a DVD with no modchip or other hack, and in fact this may very well be completely impossible (or not, but no one knows). Most if not all of the work is being done by people on #wiidev at EFNet or Blitzed. Nothing has come out of Wiili pertaining to the actual Wii hardware.

Here is a very enlightening article on WiiLi

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