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== News ==  
== News ==  
<!-- Add news below --></noinclude>
<!-- Add news below --></noinclude>
*'''9 june 10''':New Super Mario Bros update stops custom channels and hbc from loading,Bannerbomb still works to play homebrew so try using a homebrew loader in dol/elf format
* '''19 November 12''': The [http://www.wiiubrew.org WiiUBrew Wiki] is open. Shared user database with [http://www.wiibrew.org WiiBrew]. Required: Validate your E-Mail address to edit on both wikis from now on!
* '''23 March 10''': [[devkitPPC]] 21 and [[libogc]] 1.8.3 have been released — see the [http://www.devkitpro.org/devkitppc/devkitppc-release-21-libogc-1-8-3/ devkitPro announcement] for details.
* '''6 November 12''': A new version of the [[Wii Shop Channel]] and a new IOS, [[IOS62]], was released.
* '''14 December 09''': Nintendo has issued minor updates for the Check Mii Out Channel, [[Everybody Votes Channel]], [[Nintendo Channel]], and [[Internet Channel]]. These updates "will make it easier for future users to download this channel".
* '''1 May 12''': [[devkitPPC]] 26 has been released - see the [http://devkitpro.org/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=3105 devkitPro announcement] for details.
* '''6 December 09''': [[Wii Linux]]: The guys over at [http://www.gc-linux.org/wiki/Main_Page GC-Linux] released MIKE P5, a new preview version of their [[mini]] kernel with DVD support.

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