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  • 22 June 08 GRRLIB 3.0 is out, this version fully supports GX.
  • 21 June 08 Team Twiizers has released the new Twilight Hack, compatible with version 3.3 of the System Menu. HackMii announcement.
  • 20 June 08 The GC-Linux team has released a new version of Wii-Linux download here Keep in mind that nobody got this to run yet.
  • 17 June 08: Bushing has already announced a workaround after just 6-8 hours of work! Big thanks to all involved! (technical details)
  • 16 June 08: The latest Wii System Menu update removes current copies of the Twilight Hack and fixes the hash comparison ("Trucha Signing"). bug. Updating is not recommended. However, the latest version of the Twilight Hack works around this update.
  • 6 June 08: The Homebrew Channel has been updated to Beta 8, Can be updated online via the channel itself.
  • 3 June 08: libogc has been updated and "brings vastly improved Wii support."

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