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WiiSPACE is an original retro-themed spaceship shoot-'em-up supporting up to 4 simultaneous players for co-operative play. Features include powerups, bosses, high scores, and an aiming system allowing independent movement and targeting.

Version 1.0 was released on 22 June 2009. I'd like to wait a little while before putting this on the homebrew browser (to fix any bugs that might have slipped through the cracks), so please use the download link on the right.


Nunchuck alternative.svg Wiimote.svg GameCube Controller Action
Wiimote - Button or Wiimote HOME Button or Wiimote + Button GameCube START Button Start, pause
Wiimote D-Pad GameCube D-Pad Menu navigation
Wiimote A Button, Wiimote B Button Gamecube A Button, Gamecube B Button Menu accept, menu cancel
Nunchuck Control Stick or Wiimote D-Pad GameCube Control Stick Control spaceship
Wii Remote Aim Gamecube C Control Stick Control targeting crosshair
Wiimote B Button GameCube R Trigger Fire
Wiimote A Button or Nunchuck Z Button GameCube L Trigger or Gamecube A Button Use bomb



Each player controls a spaceship of a different colour. Try to defeat each wave of enemies. Once you do (or if you take too long), the next wave will appear. Destroying multiple enemies without dying will increase your score multiplier, but you'll lose it if you're destroyed. Every so often you'll encounter a boss enemy, requiring a unique strategy to defeat.

The aiming system might take a little while to get used to. You control your spaceship and your targeting cursor independently, so you can fire in any direction regardless of where you're going. With the Wiimote, your bullets will fire towards wherever you point on the screen. With the Gamecube controller, you'll need to use the C-stick.

Try to get a high score!


Powerups appear every so often. Fly near them to collect them. They don't disappear if you don't pick them up, so you can avoid grabbing them until the best moment. However, if there's already 4 or more powerups flying around, you won't get any new ones.

Extra life

Represented by a white triangle inside the powerup.
Gives your team another life. Lives are shared between the whole team. If your team runs out of lives and your spaceship is destroyed, you'll need to wait for another player to collect an extra life powerup before you can respawn. The player who has been out the longest will be the first to respawn. When you respawn, you'll be invulnerable for a moment.
If the whole team is destroyed and you're out of lives, the game is over.

Magic shots

Represented by a small white dot inside the powerup.
With this powerup, your shots don't disappear when they hit enemies, so they cause more damage and travel through to hit enemies behind. You get a set number of magic shots, so don't worry about the time running out.


Represented by an explosion icon inside the powerup.
When you have a bomb, it's carried on your ship until you use it. When you trigger the bomb, it'll destroy all nearby enemies (and damage bosses). Careful! It'll also destroy nearby powerups. Enemies destroyed in this way don't count towards your score, but do increase your score multiplier.


Represented by a powerup with a thick border.
If you get hit by an enemy when you have a shield, you'll lose it and become invulnerable for a moment instead of dying. You can't have a bomb and a shield at the same time, or more than one bomb or shield - the new powerup will overwrite the old one.


Enemies appear at the top and bottom edges of the screen, so it's best to keep a safe distance from these areas. Watch out! Some enemies have special abilities. Learning each enemy's behaviour will help you, but you'll need quick reflexes too.

There are several bosses to discover. Can you defeat them all?


WiiSPACE doesn't have any music. Please put on your favourite drum'n'bass mix and groove away.