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What is WiiXL?

WiiXL is a port of the Atari800 emulator 2.0.3 to the Wii developed by raz0red [1].

The Atari800 emulator is a free and portable Atari 800/XL/XE/5200 emulator, originally written by David Firth and now developed by the Atari800 Development Team [2].

Current Status

WiiXL is definitely a work in progress. At this point much of the emulator's extended functionality is only accessible via a USB keyboard. While most of the common buttons/keys have been mapped to the Wii/GameCube controllers others are unavailable (HELP, PAUSE, etc.). Also, if you attempt to use functionality such as state loading/saving you will be prompted to enter a file name. Until a virtual keyboard is implemented, this must be accomplished via USB keyboard. I will also be adding user-defined key mappings in a subsequent release.


To install WiiXL, simply extract the zip file that this README was distributed with directly to your SD card (retain the hierarchical structure exactly).

WiiXL includes the Atari 800/XL/XE BIOS, OS, and BASIC ROM files.

However, it does NOT include the Atari 5200 ROM file. If you want play Atari 5200 games you must obtain the ROM file, "5200.rom", and place it in the WiiXL application directory (/apps/wiixl).

Disk and cartridge images should be placed in the software directory (wiixl/software).


Coming soon...

WiiXL crashes, code dumps, etc.

If you are having issues with WiiXL, please let me know about it via one of the following locations:

Special thanks

  • Tantric/eke-eke ~ Audio code example
  • yohanes ~ SDL USB keyboard support
  • Team Twiizers ~ For enabling homebrew


0.1 - February 7, 2009

  • Initial release
  • Wiimote/Classic/GameCube controller support
  • USB Keyboard
  • Audio/Video etc.
  • Save/load state
  • Screenshot support
  • Audio recording support