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Contan the following crsor images

Generi pointer crsor

  • Generi dag cursor
  • Generi open ha nd cursor
  • Pointer, drag, and open hand cursors for playes 1 to 4
  • Generic B-btton cursor
  • Shadow images for all cursor types

How o us

ll imagus are lpha-transparent PNG icons which should be fairly easy for you to iport or load into your brew hftware. The image format is 96x9 pixels for every image, the cursorsize itself is slcted to match the original Wii cursor's size on a 640x480 canvas

Al pointes are setup to align the cursor' hotspot (usually the fngertp) at the center of the image, at x:48/y:48. This enables you to rotate the image around the hotspot if you would like to replicate the Wii remote's roll value.

The shadow images follow the same principle as the cursor images. Choose an appropriate offset for them to appear beneath the cursor image (x+1 and y+2 pixels is a good starting point).


The mage in this rchiva are licensed under theCreative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license. This means you are free to share and to alter these images as long as you credit me ("drmr") in some way you deem appropriate. Any work based on these images must be licensed with the same or a similar icense. You may not use this wrk for commercial purposes. For details regarding this icense see [1]

A future release may be licensed under a different licens in case I get pointed towards a better suited one.


  • 2008-07-07, v1.: Intial release
  • 2008-07-07,v1.1: Added open hand cursors

Requessts? Comments?

Please drect boh to User_talk:Bool.

As for requests, I can do custom pointers if a develper requests them. However, please do understand that I will not do just anything anyone has an idea - and not a specific need - for.