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Wii Shooting Gallery is a simple target shooting game.


Wii Shooting Gallery is a shoot the targets type game. It is best played with the Wii Zapper. After you miss three times you will return to the menu (GUI). It consists of 4 modes:

  • Still Targets
  • Horizontal Moving Targets
  • Vertical Moving Targets
  • Crazy Targets


Button Action
Nunchuck C Button and Nunchuck Z Button or Wiimote D-Pad Left and Wiimote D-Pad Right Toggle choice
Wiimote A Button Toggle Visible/Invisible Crosshair
Wiimote B Button Start Game and Fire
Wiimote HOME Button Return to the menu or return to the loader from the menu


Extract the .zip directly to the inside of your apps folder


Known Bugs

Sometimes targets must be hit extra times to make some targets respawn.

The Nunchuk must be disconnected and then reconnected at the start of the game.

Why I Made It

Wii Shooting Gallery was made as a new reason to actually own and use the Zapper. Besides what I just made, I only have one game that is fun to play with the Zapper; The freebie with the Zapper Link's Crossbow Training. Granted, this is currently only target shooting, but I have a few ideas for some interesting modes...

In the future

Saving High Scores - Taking Scoring one step further

A better GUI

Hogans New Alley - A remake of Hogans Alley - Shoot only the "bad targets"

A vertical scrolling shooter - control and the fire the ship with the nunchuk and also fire with B and by pointing the Wiimote.

Help Wanted

Artist - As you can see I desperately need to change the artwork.

Second Programmer - Specifically, your duties will be either adding a mode YOU thought of as well as neatening up the code and maybe little debugging. Overall, you don't have to do THAT much.

Tester (2) - Find bugs and tell me what you think is causing them.

If interested e-mail me: castlevania7689<at>yahoo<dot>com

About the source

The source code to this game is available on request. Request it by e-mailing me: castlevania7689<at>yahoo<dot>com

I do this to stop countless third-party releases. However if you just ASK I'll give you the source so you can feel free to make a third party release.


  • Arikado

Release Notes

1.1 - Bug Fix - New Art - Icon - Visible/Invisible Crosshair Option - Slight Control Change - Scoring

1.0 - Bug Fix - First Public Release

0.9 - Bug Fix

0.8 - Crazy Targets Works

0.5 - Horizontal and Vertical Moving Targets Work

0.35 - GUI works

0.3 - Still Targets Works

0.1 - The Sprite is drawn correctly where the Wiimote points

Final Thoughts

Please share questions comments and ideas with me at: castlevania7689<at>yahoo<dot>com I can also be found floating around the forums at wiibrew.org I'll continue to update my game with new releases for now. Thanks for playing,reading, downloading and the like.



http://forum.wiibrew.org/read.php?17,1025 Forum Thread